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WordPress Theme Update – Which One

So I’ve been considering a theme update here for a long time. I have tried a couple over the years, and browsing through the general wordpress theme database, seeing how many people have downloaded the various themes there makes me want to find something at least a little bit different. It makes me chuckle when I see the same standard theme on a ton of blogs. I know i am guilty as charged with the current theme here, but my perfectionism has led to indecision, which leaves here today.

Anyway, doing some looking around I have found another place to find a wordpress theme. I am considering this iridium theme with a slight change in the photo that’s at the bottom. There are a few other good choices as well. More indecision. Perhaps I will look into what it takes to put a theme changer on the site and let users try different looks. This was I could do a poll and see which theme you all like on the screen best.

There is another theme that I have to consider there as well, the Esthwaite theme has a cool photo of an oriental boat with a great color scheme. Perhaps this one will make my wordpress blog shine. i’m a big fan of blues and greys, and I love a love for most things from the orient, so this theme is my favorite so far. I love the theme technology of wordpess, it makes it so much easier to experiment with various looks, all without having to do a lot of changes to my site.

What do you think I should go with?esthwaite theme

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