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New TV Series Premiers

Probably the best thing about September is that all the new TV shows have their premiers for the new viewing season. A lot of the popular shows that were on hiatus over the summer are back with great casts and proven writers. And there are bunches of new shows being launched with high hopes of gaining an audience and becoming the next big hit.

One of the shows that I like just had their big premier and it was an hour and a half long. One of the biggest hit shows on TV and arguably THE biggest hit ever for the FX cable channel, Sons of Anarchy is back for their last season – with vengeance on their mind. This show took a while to gain a following the first couple of years, but now they are having their 7th season and it started with a bang. They will be missed when this season wraps up, but in a way I am glad. I think the writer and creator, Kurt, has run out of ideas and is resorting to a lot of gratuitous violence to entertain the viewers. It is time to end this show and let others have a chance.

There aren’t many more shows that I really care about other than Game of Thrones. Sure, there are lots of situation comedies. Sometimes I will catch an episode of the Big Bang Theory or Mike and Molly, but I don’t really care about any other shows enough to make a big effort to watch them.

On the other hand, some of the shows that ran over the summer are now wrapping up. I have really enjoyed watching Ray Donovan, but there are only two episodes left. I will really miss that show when it is over – not only because I look forward to each new episode, but also because the show’s creator and writer is leaving the show. Someone else who has been involved for the first two seasons will step up and take her place, but deep in our hearts we must surely realize that means that the show will be changed to reflect the writing and input of the new people. I just hope they stay close enough to the original story that we will like Season 3 next year.

What’s the Deal with Duck Dynasty?

There is Duck Dynasty crap all over the stores based on the cable TV “reality show.” Tee shirts, baseball caps, pajamas and now Christmas toys of metal trucks and little bearded figures. It’s the new pop icon or something!

I personally do not see the attraction of a bunch of hairy rednecks hanging around for a reality show. Surely people realize by now that there is very little actual reality in these shows! They are scripted and edited by the show producers. – these guys are just actors at this point. I’m not a fan – I have zero interest in watching that show and I’m sure not buying any of the logo’d crap for some corporate suit to make a profit off these guys.

Watching Skyfall for the Fourth Time

there is nothing on TV tonight that’s worth a shit, so I decided to give my DVD player something to do. It has been gathering dust for several months, as I am not really inclined to watch movies at home. But I do have a small library of favorite movies on DVD and I really like the new James Bond movie called, Skyfall. So, tonight I am watching Skyfall on DVD for the 4th time.

The month of August is always the worst time for TV shows. There is nothing but reruns and crap shows, biding time until the big September premieres hit the networks. Maybe I should just plan on watching a different DVD from my collection each night this month. There’s no sense in them just gathering dust on the shelf and not getting watched. And if I bought them, then I already know that I liked them!

Too White Teeth

Of course whitening teeth has been a cosmetic fad for several years now. But have you noticed that some people have gone way too far with whitening their teeth? They are practically glowing in the dark bright. I don’t find that attractive at all – it is actually very distracting to see someone on TV or in the movies with teeth so bright you need shades.

My dentist suggested a whitening but I turned him down. I think he just wanted to hit me up for some extra money and I am already in debt for the root canal and crown that he did for me. I can’t imagine paying more money for my teeth any time soon. It just costs to fucking much to go to the dentist anymore.

One of the whitening toothpaste commercials does have a good point. Their slogan is, “if you are not whitening – you are yellowing.” Well, I hate to admit it, but that’s so true. I looked in the mirror and noticed that my teeth are looking yellow and that maybe I should find a way to get them a little more white. I guess next time I see my dentist I should ask him the price of the whitening in his office and see if I can negotiate a way to get it done.

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