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What online chat may look like in 2020, fingers crossed!

As we all know the year 2020 is fast approaching and like most things in the tech industry, chatting online will morph into something faster, better and cheaper. Right now there are probably millions of different chat options on the internet for people to enjoy chatting with one another in or on because so many people want to communicate with one another or bots that you can build a janky chat site and still get thousands of visitors everyday but just like that site all are limited to the technology of today which will not be like the tech or tomorrow. Forget virtual reality and augmented reality which are the two promising technologies for the current future and further in the future like real life holograms or realistic human robots and where do we see it (online chat) going, because it does not matter how you chat by a chat app, by a social messenger, by a free cam or by a random chat site for now, because things are going to change in a BIG way in the future and for the better, I think and hope so atleast.

I in vision a day soon where chat bots will morph into holograms that will be projected into your homes. These bots will be of great looking real people like celebrities or made up fake people.  And the chat bots will soon rule the way people interact via online chat rooms as they will be rented or sold like software and hardware of today.  Chatting with someone more attractive than oneself will always be a huge hit thus pretty holograms will be in really BIG demand in the future and not because we will have a society of ugly people but rather most people always want an up. I also see AI or artificial intelligence becoming huge in this chat space as a bot will learn how to better please every time you interact with it thus making you happier every time you use with it.

People will want to robots for all sorts of purposes in the future and chatting will be one of these and the merchandise consumed and sold from this industry will be in the Billions each year as robots not just holograms with be BIG sellers. And as robots become more lifelike to the touch and feel of real humans to smarter brains from AI and other software, holograms are going to be the next it toy for adult entertainment. Models and just ordinary people alike may sell there likeness to be used however the buyer chooses to use it like on holograms or robots.  As you can see from the clip above taken from the movie the Sixth Day starring Arnold Schwarzenegger a futuristic hologram sex chat hologram bot along with a chair are used to entertain one of the movies characters till has friend comes knocking.

Selling ones likeness may become a BIG thing in the future but as society becomes more recorded people just taking your likeness and doing things with it may be an inevitability as well and people may not be able to profit from there likeness at all. Today we have things like deep fakes making there rounds across the web in which someones facial image (usually a celebrity) is put onto a persons face in a adult movie to make it seem like it is celebrity in the movie. And although many tube sites are starting to ban these type of videos known as deep fakes they will no doubt be online via niche sites for the foreseeable future.

Where online chat goes from here is anyone’s best guess and with this post I just gave you mine as to where its going to go but as always I am interested in hearing your opinion as to where it is headed and why you think its going there and what you think happens when we get there so leave those thoughts or any others related to this post in the comments so we can further discuss them.


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