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TrueCrypt 5 has been released with new features – free encryption gets better

I’m sure my friends are tired of hearing tell them about TrueCrypt, but now I have another excuse to remind everyone about this free encryption software, there’s a new version with new features! For those of you living under a rock, TrueCrypt is one of the programs that will hide your valuable data from prying eyes, it not only makes files of your choice hidden behind a password, but it also encrypts, or in layman’s terms. shreds the file behind a bunch of random characters, so if your boss, spouse, ex, or anyone tries to use some geeky method to find your hidden files, all they will find is some random data which makes no sense, without your password.

true crypt

I know Danny has been using truecrypt to hide adults only pics and videos from his family (good safeguard Danny, I’m glad you are being a responsible adult surfer), Jerry has been keeping his medical reports under lock and key with it when he takes work home. I use it to secure all the docs and photos on my USB thumb drive. I also keep a backup copy of all my pictures from college encrypted. It’s a great way to store financial information for emergencies as well.

I’m a big fan of TrueCrypt and PGP, I’ve been using Handybits Easycrypto for a while as well, but the truecrypt is what I use on my USB thumb drives and my main system now. There are cool new features that allow mac users to use it, and linux users get a better GUI, and some other goodies added in as well. Download the program and go through the tutorial for using it. It takes a few minutes the first time, after that you are all set and you can use this great data safeguard anywhere.

A few people have had some issues with it working in some scenarios with a mac – check out the truecrypt 5 discussion at digg for some of that info.

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