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Girls Night Out

So last night was girls night out. My friends and I along with my roommate decided that we were long overdue for some serious clubbing.  We chose The Green Iguana downtown as it has Tiki feel to it and is partially outdoors. It was extremely busy when we arrived as we were fashionably late of course.  We met up with another group of people and played a little pool in the back before we decided to conquer the dance floor.

After a few drinks we were ready to shake and jive as the old timers say and the music was hopping. One reason I really like this place is that they play a wide range of music for everyone, and not just one genre. So whether you like hip hop, country or rock, they have a little bit of everything for everyone. After about an hour though we had to take a break as it was so hot on the dance floor from the lighting and the press of bodies.

The patio felt amazing with a breeze blowing and it really rejuvenated us so we could continue with our partying. I like the fact that they have a kitchen as well, because we had a little snack of appetizers while we were out there. Snacking while you drink is always smart so you don’t get too intoxicated. I still have a mild hangover and was very happy that we took a cab there as safety is always best. Time take a little nap and recuperate now.

Kickass Christmas Party Last Night!

Last night was our office’s annual holiday party. This year we had it at the country club of a gated community in the rich part of town. You have to show ID at a gate to get in the neighborhood and the guards need to either see an invitation with your name on it or they call the party host to get their OK to let you in. Wow! That was a trip!

The club house is huge is not only well decorated with very nice furniture and art, but the holiday decorations were fantastic. They had one of the tallest indoor trees I’ve ever seen, with a miniature train track running around the base of the tree and along part of the wall. And poinsettia flowers in big pots were everywhere.

We had a live band AND a deejay to keep music going the entire time. The dinner was surf and turf and we had an open bar. I was just so very impressed with how extravagant the party was compared to last year. I know we have all been working really hard this whole year, and I guess we deserved this special treat at Christmas.

At the end of the evening, our CEO made a few announcements. One was a big surprise, our VP of HR is leaving the company and moving to California. I was not expecting that and can’t believe our rumor mill overlooked that big news.

The best part was we each left with a Starbucks coffee mug and a Starbucks gift card preloaded with $100 on it. And in the mug was also a gift card from the Galleria Mall for $500!!!! I can use the gift card at any of the stores or go cash it in. Woot! Thank you, boss!

I Plead the Fifth!

bead guilt

Yes, I do have beads. Real beads from partying in New Orleans. No, I’m not going to tell you what I did to get them. You are going to have to guess. It might help if you have a dirty mind.

April Fun

The first of April is celebrated in America as April Fool’s Day. I have no idea what the history is for this holiday. I think it is just one more good reason for a party and having some fun.

I like the idea of playing harmless jokes on people. It is fun to get people out of their comfort zone for a few moments. There have been some really creative practical jokes concocted over the years.

If anyone has ever played a joke on you on April Fools Day, please write a comment on my post and share the story. I’d love to hear it!

Shamrocks and 4 Leaf Clovers


Everyone is wearing green today and they risk getting pinched. That is half the fun of having St. Patrick’s Day celebrated in America. There’s no really good reason for us to be celebrating something that happened in Ireland, other than it’s a good excuse for people with any Irish in their bloodline to go have a party. And that is good enough for me!

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