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Intensity – An Amazing Book!

I just finished reading a really amazing book. It had me riveted the entire way through. It was called Intensity and is written by Dean Koontz. It is about this girl who goes home with a friend to visit her friends family and a homicidal maniac kills her friends family and kidnaps her friend. Our heroin “Chyna” is a girl already struggling with serious issues from her own life and just trying to survive, goes all out to help save her friend from the man who has her.

Hiding out in the man’s RV when he wasn’t looking, she waits for an opportune moment to rescue her friend and get away. As it turns out, it is not as easy as she thinks it will be. The man is truly deranged as he believes that doing whatever he wants without fear or regret helps him live his life to the fullest. He has perfected his modus operandi and is absolutely deadly.

Chyna’s own personal demons try to hamper her throughout the story, but she overcomes her own fear and insecurity in amazing feats of bravery and daring. I was happy to learn there is also a movie taken from the book, that I will now have to watch. If you haven’t read this book yet, I highly recommend it.

Watching Skyfall for the Fourth Time

there is nothing on TV tonight that’s worth a shit, so I decided to give my DVD player something to do. It has been gathering dust for several months, as I am not really inclined to watch movies at home. But I do have a small library of favorite movies on DVD and I really like the new James Bond movie called, Skyfall. So, tonight I am watching Skyfall on DVD for the 4th time.

The month of August is always the worst time for TV shows. There is nothing but reruns and crap shows, biding time until the big September premieres hit the networks. Maybe I should just plan on watching a different DVD from my collection each night this month. There’s no sense in them just gathering dust on the shelf and not getting watched. And if I bought them, then I already know that I liked them!

Summer Movie Blockbusters

This summer is gearing up with some huge blockbusters coming to our local theaters. There are several movies for kids and families, such as “Man of Steel,” “Monsters University,” “Turbo” and “Despicable Me 2.”

One of the new movies that I want to see is the remake of “The Love Ranger” starring Johnny Depp and Arnie Hammer. And I had heard there was a sequel to one of my favorite movies, “Red.” I just love Bruce Willis action movies and Red had a fantastic ensemble cast. Now they are releasing Red 2 and in my opinion, this is a MUST SEE.

What movie would get you off the couch and into a movie theater this summer?

Too White Teeth

Of course whitening teeth has been a cosmetic fad for several years now. But have you noticed that some people have gone way too far with whitening their teeth? They are practically glowing in the dark bright. I don’t find that attractive at all – it is actually very distracting to see someone on TV or in the movies with teeth so bright you need shades.

My dentist suggested a whitening but I turned him down. I think he just wanted to hit me up for some extra money and I am already in debt for the root canal and crown that he did for me. I can’t imagine paying more money for my teeth any time soon. It just costs to fucking much to go to the dentist anymore.

One of the whitening toothpaste commercials does have a good point. Their slogan is, “if you are not whitening – you are yellowing.” Well, I hate to admit it, but that’s so true. I looked in the mirror and noticed that my teeth are looking yellow and that maybe I should find a way to get them a little more white. I guess next time I see my dentist I should ask him the price of the whitening in his office and see if I can negotiate a way to get it done.

Magic Mike Movie

Just got a glimpse of a new movie coming out this month called, Magic Mike. It stars that gorgeous hunk of a guy who played in G I Joe two years ago. His name is Channing Tatum and he is one of the most gorgeous guys in the movies these days. I really want to see this movie – he plays a male stripper and it reminds me of the fun nights I used to have at the Hangar Club in Maryland when they had the male stripper shows there.

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