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Facebook is Getting Boring

Not sure what is going on with Facebook. Maybe its summer and people are going on vacation and busy at home with the kids being out of school. But it seems like only a handful of my friends are posting on there any more.

I sure hope its not because everyone is getting bored with Facebook and looking for something else to be a time suck. I like Facebook a lot, although it has taken me a while to figure out how to control the asshats and get rid of the drama queens. I want to use it to keep in touch with family and friends, share photos and have a few laughs. That’s what I get out of Facebook anyway. Without Facebook I guess we’ll all have to go back to sending out group emails.

The Problem with Free Advice

There was a cute saying shared by one of my Facebook friends. It says that a word to wise is a waste of time. If they are wise, they don’t need any advice. It’s the stupid ones who need the advice, and they are the least likely ones to accept it and put it to good use.

I think that is very true, although you would probably have a hard time finding anyone who would actually admit to being stupid. Yet I see stupid people all day long. They are all around us – the ones texting while driving. The ones listening to their iPods with earbuds in their ears while driving. The ones posting embarrassing photos of themselves on Facebook. The ones sexting on company issued cell phones and laptops. The ones wearing ridiculous clothing at WalMart. It is amazing to me how many stupid people are really out there.

The New Timeline

It seems like Facebook has been threatening people with changing to the new Timeline format since around Christmas. But there are still a lot of people on my Friend’s List who have not changed over yet. Does anyone know the actual forced transition date? I had heard it was the first of March, but that has not turned out to be true.

So many people are bitching and complaining about the new Timeline – I don’t know what their problem is. I’m happy to see the change and I love trying new things. I am shocked to realize that so many of my friends are just fuddy duddies who live their lives in a big rut and resist anything new or exciting. I am starting to question whether I should even keep them as friends?

Mass migration to facebook changes blogs, emails, and chat worldwide

The migration of the masses has been slowly eroding away many blogs, and chat portals and even email communication around the world. It’s been affecting the way I communicate with friends, and family, and even the connected internet world as whole. As more and more people spend more and more time using facebook, I see many people using the other chat, email and blog services less and less.

For quite some time the industry has been touting the mobile web as the new big frontier for internet and communication, and I do see that as being a big segment of the world market in the future. I do however see the future of yesterday as it is today, and currently it is facebook. I have a facebook profile, but I do not use it as much as so many other people are.

The amount of time that so many people are now spending on facebook is definitely taking away from many of the other great places on the internet. What is most disturbing to me, is how many people use facebook so much that they assume that everyone else on their friend’s list is using it in the same way, and those assumptions often lead to expectations that we know what is going on in their lives simply because it was posted on their wall, in the activity stream, or added to their photo albums. I for one do not see all these updates that everyone expects I have already seen.

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Facebook now has 350m users – and there’s no point in advertising

Read a very interesting article today at the gaurdian, I had no idea that facebook now has more than 350 million users. I was also quite surprised to read the information about about profits (or lack thereof) with facebook and twitter. It seems that very few people click banner ads, and that is a way that many online social networks intended to make money.



Personally I think the little branded apps like the games on facebook and taking them to mobile phones with embedded adverting, like the farmville game using purity milk or the cafe game having decorations with pepsi or coke may be a much better way to monetize these networks.

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