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My Roommate’s Dog is a Barker

photo of dog who barks

My roommate’s dog barks at every little noise. I like the dog most of the time, but he barks too much. I wonder if she trained him to be a nervous Nelly like she is? She has a lot of trouble with anxiety and I bet her dog picked up on that. I don’t have any idea how to make him bark less.

Thank goodness we are not in an apartment building with neighbors all around us. I am sure the extra noise from a bunch of neighbors would just aggravate her dog even more and we’d be getting complaints from the landlord. But we are sharing a house and both of my neighbors are far enough away from our house that they can’t hear our dogs very often.

In Search of Cheap Dogfood

Drove a girl home from the office as a favor and that was an eye opener. I know the girl has a borderline poverty situation going on, but she is working every day and a smart person. I think the lack of money is just temporary and she will climb out of this hole soon.

She lives way out in the country – her rent depends on her income, like most people. But a single mom cannot find cheap rent in the city. She has a little old farmhouse that she is renting and it took us about 40 minutes to drive there from the office. I can imagine she has to allow an hour to drive in every morning with the rush hour traffic coming into town.

She has one dog of her own, but evidently two stray have adopted her. She didn’t have the heart to call the pound, as the dog pound around here is a kill shelter – about 80% of the shelter dogs are killed within two weeks of being picked up or surrendered. So she is trying to feed three big dogs on an already skimpy paycheck. When I saw how thin the dogs are, I made up my mind to help them out. I want to find a source for cheap dog food and buy her a 50 pound bag for each dog. That should get them through Christmas at least and take some of the pressure off of her.

Any suggestions on where to find dog food at the best prices?

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