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Fuck I’m Hungry

Woke up too early this morning. I don’t usually even want any breakfast until I’ve been up and awake for a couple of hours. So when I got up too early it threw off my whole fucking schedule. My inner clock is messed up bad.

First thing I did was make a pot of coffee so I could function. Once the coffee was made, I took the dog out for his potty break and then took a shower. Totally skipped the Pop Tart or muffin and left the house. Now I’m still 2 hours from lunch break and I’m fucking starving!

If there’s nothing left in the break kitchen cabinets I am tempted to order pizza delivery. I can order that early and have it delivered a little early and grab a piece of hot pizza when it gets here so I don’t have to waste time getting in my car and driving somewhere, getting in line and then waiting for it to be made and passed through a window so I can fucking eat!

I guess I’ll have to make do with a snack from the vending machine. Maybe someone left a packet of instant oatmeal or instant soup in the kitchen. Anything would be better than this sick hungry feeling in my stomach. If I don’t eat something before lunch I’m going to end up with a migraine.

No Coffee?

This may turn out to be an emergency of sorts. I walked into the kitchen this morning to make a pot of coffee and there is NO COFFEE. How can that happen? I know I left enough coffee in the canister for one more pot. This can only mean that SOMEONE else made a pot of coffee yesterday or last night and they used the last of it. How totally irresponsible and inconsiderate. This has put me in a really foul mood.

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