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Why Has Candy Gotten So Expensive?

At the grocery store last night and I saw the two aisles in the middle of the store for “seasonal” items was full of big bags of candy. So I went over and looked at what they’ve got. I don’t usually get many trick or treaters at my house, but I like to keep a bag or two of candy handy just in case this year we get more goblins than expected.

They have big bags of candy but when you lift up the bag you notice that it doesn’t really have much in it. The bags have more empty air than candy bars, fro chrissake. And the price is crazy high for one bag – they want to charge anywhere from $4 to $9 for one bag of mixed Snickers/Milky Way/ Three Musketeers. I don’t know how many little candy bars are in the bag, but I think it is only about 25-30 pieces. And when they are tiny bite size like that, you can’t just give a goblin one of them 0 you have to give them at least two or three pieces.

I think I would rather just go to Sam’s Club and buy a big box of full size candy bars. The total cost per treat will probably be close to the same as giving out several bite size pieces and I think that the single bar makes more of a statement. I will give each goblin one bar and probably be a hero to the ones who come to my neighborhood this year.

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