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Intensity – An Amazing Book!

I just finished reading a really amazing book. It had me riveted the entire way through. It was called Intensity and is written by Dean Koontz. It is about this girl who goes home with a friend to visit her friends family and a homicidal maniac kills her friends family and kidnaps her friend. Our heroin “Chyna” is a girl already struggling with serious issues from her own life and just trying to survive, goes all out to help save her friend from the man who has her.

Hiding out in the man’s RV when he wasn’t looking, she waits for an opportune moment to rescue her friend and get away. As it turns out, it is not as easy as she thinks it will be. The man is truly deranged as he believes that doing whatever he wants without fear or regret helps him live his life to the fullest. He has perfected his modus operandi and is absolutely deadly.

Chyna’s own personal demons try to hamper her throughout the story, but she overcomes her own fear and insecurity in amazing feats of bravery and daring. I was happy to learn there is also a movie taken from the book, that I will now have to watch. If you haven’t read this book yet, I highly recommend it.

Looking at the Kindle

I love the Amazon web site and I find myself chopping there almost weekly instead of going to a regular shopping center, mall or store. I would rather buy something I like at a fair price and have them worry about finding the right size and color for me. I hate looking through racks of clothing or shelves of items trying to find the right brand or the right fit or the right style. Invariably there is every size and color on the rack except the one that I want.

Amazon has been heavily promoting their digital reader called the Kindle. It is featured on the front page of their web site and they even send me emails promoting it. I like the idea of one, but don’t know a single person who has one to give me an actual testimonial. If you have one, how about leaving me a comment about what you like best or if it has any shortcomings that you’ve discovered once you started using it.

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