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Private Messages

Does anyone remember the evolution of private messages? When computers first came out, the internet was not something intended for home and personal use. It was for businesses. When we started bringing computers home and using them to communicate with friends and family, the demand for private messages began. I remember when Yahoo introduced their “Yahoo Instant Messenger” as part of their platform. I used it extensively during competitive gaming and forums. I liked the way you could get a response to your question quickly, plus you could find out quickly if someone was even online at the time or not. Come to think of it, I still use the Facebook private messaging system for the same thing.

Yahoo music to merge into Rhapsody – oh why

In today’s category of bad news, I see a story that says yahoo is merging it’s music service into real network’s rhapsody. Why oh why? I love yahoo music, launchcast, the videos, I have tons of songs and artists rated through the service and it’s something I use everyday. I am not a big fan of the real player from real networks, much preferring musicmatch jukebox, which yahoo did screw with badly, but I still like it better than the real rhapsody marriage

First off, what is going to happen to all of my song ratings? I have a pretty cool customized radio station now that I have given the thumbs up and thumbs down to so many artist and songs, will that just disappear with this merger (sell out!).

I have also been considering some network audio players, and some of them work with rhapsody and some work with yahoo music (one of the factors that has me leaning towards getting this wireless network audio player) – will that functionality cease to sexist with this transition?

Well in protest of this news I am listening to today – which has way fewer commercials anyway.


On the plus side with yahoo today – there was an announcement about them buying FoxyTunes, a company that developed a toolbar plug-in application that enables users to control more than 30 desktop and Web-based music players. – But why get that? Just so you can brand it with real networks? Or maybe this was something separate, with the way yahoo has been handling music and music players it may of been best for them to leave foxy tunes alone. There is hope that miscrosoft will not acquire yahoo for many reasons, and for many of the same reasons I hope that foxytunes is not ruined by yahoo like yahoo music will be when it is taken over by real.

Just my humble opinion – an upset rant that may be edited later, updated, or proven wrong at some point. But I doubt it.

Yahoo Tech Cell Phones 101

Yahoo Tech Cell Phones 101

Came accross this great section in Yahoo Tech about cell phones that offers reviews, prices and comparisons of cellular phones and features an excellent how to section for first time cell users. Yahoo users can save any product they feature to their profile. And for those of you curious like me as to what people are looking at or searching for, Yahoo offers tools on the right sidebar to let you see what everyone else is viewing. Another interesting thing I saw was a tag cloud at the top of the page which I thought was a brilliant web design idea becasue it is very user friendly.

Yahoo Gallery Beta

Yahoo Gallery Beta

“Your invited to join Yahoo Gallery it allows developers to discover and share applications that use Yahoo technology this is just in Beta but you can get your own developers page and anyone familiar with Yahoo services or products should have no problem making all sorts of programs for gadgets and widgets. It also allows you the rate other peoples apps. And if you know of any other developers out there let them know would yea it is totally free”

A BIG thanks to Selena Jackson for the invite

Turn your blog into a widget

Widgetbox is a directory and syndication platform for web widgets for blogs and other web pages. Thier widgets work with TypePad, WordPress, Blogger, MySpace as well as most other blogs, sidebars or websites. No plug-ins are needed, and they’re free! A great way syndicate your blog to the masses and then ofcourse you can submit your widget to places like Yahoo Widgets and because it is a widget it’s a great way to keep up with any feed on your mobile device and other people can keep up with your feed on thiers.

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