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More Sleep – Less Light Today

We all set back our clocks last night, so I got more sleep but now there is less light. I definitely appreciated getting an extra hour of sleep. I feel more energized and don’t feel as rushed today.

The downside is that it gets dark before 5:00 pm and that is hard to accept. I like the daylight lasting until I at least get home from work. It’s just fucking depressing to drive home in the dark. Especially with the idiot drivers we have around here. They can barely drive in the rain, much less the dark or any other weather condition like fog or snow.

I wish we had daylight saving all year around, but I know that is not practical. So instead of bitching about it, I will take a couple of days for my body to adjust to the new rhythm and suffer through the earlier darkness for a couple of months until the end of December, when we have the solstice or equinox or whatever means that the days start getting longer again.

Should We Really Celebrate Columbus Day?

That happy story we were fed back in grade school about how Columbus sailed the ocean blue and discovered America is pretty not true and not as glorious as the teachers wanted us to believe. We know that Columbus didn’t come to the mainland USA, and that he did not bring good things with him – he brought disease, rape and slavery with him. So why do we celebrate Columbus Day? I think we should stop it and find someone worthy to recognize that has done actual good things for our country.

Groundhogs Lie

Last year there was all this controversy about the different groundhogs and their predictions. There is an official, and the most famous, groundhog in Pennsylvania called Punxsutawney Phil. He is the one with the guys in top hats and tails making a big production for the press.

Down South, there is a different groundhog in Georgia. Since I live in the South, I believe that General Beauregard Lee will be closer to the actual predictions for this area. But last year neither groundhog was right in their predictions.

So, forgive me if I’m a little skeptical this year. In fact, when I researched their track record of the predictions over the past 50 years, they were wrong about one quarter of the time.

Americas National text alert system

Was reading off a blog that America is launching a National alert text messaging system that alerts people in a certain areas or the entire country of severe weather, terrorists attacks or other major emergencies. And although I think this is a great step in the right direction, it does have me wondering whether or not something more is coming with this next type of text messaging alert system such as, being located via GPS on the phone or being told you have a warrant and to come turn your self in, or other Government related things that can be done that might be considered BIG brother type activity.

Of course I am happy that such a system is in place to help alert the people of this great country of emergencies but I think it needs to be watched after carefully because I can see where this could be a serious problem with privacy issues. Was wondering what everyone else thought about this new alert system and future possibilities.

University of Michigan digitized it’s one millionth book

University of Michigan digitized it’s one millionth book and I feel really good about this. I know there is a lot of controversy about the scanning and sharing of books, and the project which google ambitiously started with several libraries a while back has stirred debate that may never have a good answer, but I really like the idea of having digital backups of books. Perhaps there will be a universal agreement regarding the best way to handle copyrights and fair use sometime in the future. For now just knowinggoogle book search logo that there is a backup process going on makes me really happy. Imagine if a fire or some other catastrophic event ruined all the books in just one library – all of that knowledge and power should have an off site back up.

I have to wonder, how much hard drive space does one million books take up?

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