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Filip Received His Shirts Today!

Remember when I shipped a couple of shirts and a catalog about guitars to my friend, Filip, who lives in Poland? Well, I mail them the standard postage rate on March 10 and he just got them today. That was not as bad as it could have been, as they told me it could take up to 6 weeks for him to receive them. So, I’m glad they arrived safely and did not take 6 weeks, but it was a long time. I guess if I need to send him something else later that I’ll have to pay for priority or express mail to get it there quicker.

He said that he is going to send me their new CD in a couple of weeks. He already finished the work on it and sent the tacks to the CD manufacturing people. I guess that’s what you call them. They are the ones who make the CDs and the printed cover inserts for the jewel case. Filip did all the production work and designed the cover art, too. That guy is so talented!

I can’t wait to hear their new music. They have a new drummer now and I hope he is a little more versatile than the first one. I am very critical of the sound quality of drums when they are digitized. If not produced right the drums sound like a bunch of clicks and it’s very annoying. The first CD leaned on the clicking side, so I mentioned it to Filip gently – so as to not hurt his feelings – and I think he took care of that on this next CD. We’ll find out soon!

Fuck Songs

Had to catch a ride home from work with one of the secretaries. My damn car wouldn’t start and I just called a tow truck to haul it away to Goodyear so the mechanics there can deal with it. But that left me stranded at work with no ride. I called everyone I could think of and got no answer and lots of voicemails. Finally, I just asked the secretary for the CEO if she would mind giving me a ride home if I gave her gas money, so she said OK.

We got in her car, which was full of all kinds of junk. It was really dirty with lots of trash in it, but wow – there was some weird stuff in that car – fishing poles, a case of bottled water, an empty gas can, and some magazines. And in the CD player was a disk that was a custom mix of songs. Someone had written “Fuck Songs” on CD with a sharpie pen. It was half hanging out of the CD player when we got in the car. She grabbed it and stuck it over the visor real quick, but I saw what it said. LOL

She tried to play it off and ignore the whole thing, but I think it is funny. The girl is single, she has a busy life and she wasn’t expecting to give me a ride home today. So who the hell am I to say anything about her fuck song cd?

New Music Worth a Listen

Just heard a new band last night and I really liked their sound. They played at a club here and I got to meet the band backstage because I’m friends with the owner of the club.

Anyway, the band is called “Hello Kelly” and they play a variety of rock songs. Its easy to dance to their music and its easy to listen to while having a drink or chatting up your friends.

New From Vince Gill

One of my favorite features of the free internet music service, Spotify, is the way they list a dozen or so brand new albums on their home page. They have a tab called, “What’s New.” I always look at those albums and artists to see what’s happening. Today, I found a new album from Vince Gill, called “Guitar Slinger.”

I just listened to the whole album for free on Spotify. I am no such a huge country music or bluegrass fan, but I have to say that I love this album. The songs are a nice variety of tempos and lyrics. Its not all about losers, cheaters and drunks like so many country songs are these days. I am going to listen to it again and probably download at least two of the songs, “Buttermilk John” and “True Love” which is a duet with his fabulous wife, singer Amy Grant.

Smooth Jazz

On the West Coast there are many radio stations that play jazz, smooth jazz and easy listening stations. Even classical stations. I find it really strange that here in Music City, the radio stations are either pop, country or classic rock. We don’t have a blues station, or a jazz station at all. When I feel like some soothing background music, I have to pop in my earbuds and listen to music that I’ve found on my own on the internet. So sad, and a really poor reflection what should be the very best of all music genres here.

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