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Nextbook Ares 8

Well, my best friend bought a cheap little tablet for her ten year old nephew. It is a Nextbook Ares 8. It is absolutely cute and versatile. The wifi works amazingly well for a tablet that costs so little. The graphics are amazing and it plays games like no tomorrow. He has downloaded dozens of games so the storage is really good as well. He plays with it constantly and is happy as a clam with it. For a child, I would say that this is a fairly good investment as it costs very little, especially if you catch it on sale.

There are however a couple of problems with it that I assume Nextbook will or has fixed in their next models. Firstly, and most important, you cannot allow it to “sleep.” If you do, it triggers something inside and you have to remove the back and disconnect the battery. You then have to wait ten to twenty seconds and reconnect.  Then you can turn it back on and it will work. It get a bit warm when you use it a lot and really it shouldn’t get that warm but as it isn’t a high end tablet, getting upset over it would be ludicrous.

Looking at the Kindle

I love the Amazon web site and I find myself chopping there almost weekly instead of going to a regular shopping center, mall or store. I would rather buy something I like at a fair price and have them worry about finding the right size and color for me. I hate looking through racks of clothing or shelves of items trying to find the right brand or the right fit or the right style. Invariably there is every size and color on the rack except the one that I want.

Amazon has been heavily promoting their digital reader called the Kindle. It is featured on the front page of their web site and they even send me emails promoting it. I like the idea of one, but don’t know a single person who has one to give me an actual testimonial. If you have one, how about leaving me a comment about what you like best or if it has any shortcomings that you’ve discovered once you started using it.

Americas National text alert system

Was reading off a blog that America is launching a National alert text messaging system that alerts people in a certain areas or the entire country of severe weather, terrorists attacks or other major emergencies. And although I think this is a great step in the right direction, it does have me wondering whether or not something more is coming with this next type of text messaging alert system such as, being located via GPS on the phone or being told you have a warrant and to come turn your self in, or other Government related things that can be done that might be considered BIG brother type activity.

Of course I am happy that such a system is in place to help alert the people of this great country of emergencies but I think it needs to be watched after carefully because I can see where this could be a serious problem with privacy issues. Was wondering what everyone else thought about this new alert system and future possibilities.

Wuawee connecting mobile phones with social networks

I am wondering how they got myspace on board with this, it’s certainly a step in the right direction for me and many others to be able to more easily connect to the myspace silo. It’s a great idea, but it’s not free. A desktop widget and a cell phone app that lets you upload photos to myspace and facebook (among others) – and chat. I do not use the myspace IM client, but I do have some friends that do, so perhaps they will test this out. Not sure how many people will try it, but if the payments are cheap enough the cost may just be forgotten. We’ll see.

It’s called Wuaweeinfo found at Techcrunch.

Exclusive games on mobile networks

Could exclusive games on mobile networks influence a persons decision to buy a contract? I think this question is being answered now and the results are something I am looking forward to seeing in the coming quarters of profits and new customers for various mobile networks. Of course content will always be a deciding factor for most people when they choose a cell phone and a service provider but games could have a huge impact.

Getting songs is something any phone can do even trailers and videos but games that only play on certain phone networks is sure to have a big impact on which new customers decide buying because they are the teenage and youth market and they play video games more than you average Joe who is in his 40s compared to a 16 year getting there first cellular phone.

Should be interesting to see is Microsoft one day releases Halo on a certain network or if Nintendo does the same with its big hit games, like Sony did recently with Verizon Wireless and its blockbuster game Metal Gear Solid which is exculsive to the Verizon customers only.

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