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New TV Series Premiers

Probably the best thing about September is that all the new TV shows have their premiers for the new viewing season. A lot of the popular shows that were on hiatus over the summer are back with great casts and proven writers. And there are bunches of new shows being launched with high hopes of gaining an audience and becoming the next big hit.

One of the shows that I like just had their big premier and it was an hour and a half long. One of the biggest hit shows on TV and arguably THE biggest hit ever for the FX cable channel, Sons of Anarchy is back for their last season – with vengeance on their mind. This show took a while to gain a following the first couple of years, but now they are having their 7th season and it started with a bang. They will be missed when this season wraps up, but in a way I am glad. I think the writer and creator, Kurt, has run out of ideas and is resorting to a lot of gratuitous violence to entertain the viewers. It is time to end this show and let others have a chance.

There aren’t many more shows that I really care about other than Game of Thrones. Sure, there are lots of situation comedies. Sometimes I will catch an episode of the Big Bang Theory or Mike and Molly, but I don’t really care about any other shows enough to make a big effort to watch them.

On the other hand, some of the shows that ran over the summer are now wrapping up. I have really enjoyed watching Ray Donovan, but there are only two episodes left. I will really miss that show when it is over – not only because I look forward to each new episode, but also because the show’s creator and writer is leaving the show. Someone else who has been involved for the first two seasons will step up and take her place, but deep in our hearts we must surely realize that means that the show will be changed to reflect the writing and input of the new people. I just hope they stay close enough to the original story that we will like Season 3 next year.

Selecting the Right Mother’s Day Card

Next weekend is Mother’s Day and in my family that means that you must shop for a Hallmark Mother’s Day card at least 10 days before the holiday to make sure it gets mailed and received on time. There is nothing worse than getting a late Mother’s Day card in the mail the following Monday or Tuesday morning. You will be shamed for that mistake for the rest of the year – or until her birthday when you do have a second chance to make it up to her with lavish overspending a nice Hallmark birthday card and extravagant gift.

I went to the grocery store a couple of days ago and found a huge selection of Hallmark cards for Mother’s Day. I spend over 20 minutes reading through all the poems and sentiments expressed on each card and critically examining the card designs to find the perfect one for my mother. Then I bought a nice gift card to her favorite restaurant and took them to the post office Friday night. Surely that is enough advance time to get the card in her hands before Mother’s Day? Last time I mailed a letter to her it only took 3 days to be delivered. So I am doubling that and allowing 6 days for delivery. I actually considered sending it priority mail, but that has gotten pretty expensive lately, so I decided to take a chance and go with regular first class mail instead.

Mom – if you are reading my blog – be on the lookout Wednesday and Thursday for my card to you!

My Roommate’s Dog is a Barker

photo of dog who barks

My roommate’s dog barks at every little noise. I like the dog most of the time, but he barks too much. I wonder if she trained him to be a nervous Nelly like she is? She has a lot of trouble with anxiety and I bet her dog picked up on that. I don’t have any idea how to make him bark less.

Thank goodness we are not in an apartment building with neighbors all around us. I am sure the extra noise from a bunch of neighbors would just aggravate her dog even more and we’d be getting complaints from the landlord. But we are sharing a house and both of my neighbors are far enough away from our house that they can’t hear our dogs very often.

More Sleep – Less Light Today

We all set back our clocks last night, so I got more sleep but now there is less light. I definitely appreciated getting an extra hour of sleep. I feel more energized and don’t feel as rushed today.

The downside is that it gets dark before 5:00 pm and that is hard to accept. I like the daylight lasting until I at least get home from work. It’s just fucking depressing to drive home in the dark. Especially with the idiot drivers we have around here. They can barely drive in the rain, much less the dark or any other weather condition like fog or snow.

I wish we had daylight saving all year around, but I know that is not practical. So instead of bitching about it, I will take a couple of days for my body to adjust to the new rhythm and suffer through the earlier darkness for a couple of months until the end of December, when we have the solstice or equinox or whatever means that the days start getting longer again.

In Search of Cheap Dogfood

Drove a girl home from the office as a favor and that was an eye opener. I know the girl has a borderline poverty situation going on, but she is working every day and a smart person. I think the lack of money is just temporary and she will climb out of this hole soon.

She lives way out in the country – her rent depends on her income, like most people. But a single mom cannot find cheap rent in the city. She has a little old farmhouse that she is renting and it took us about 40 minutes to drive there from the office. I can imagine she has to allow an hour to drive in every morning with the rush hour traffic coming into town.

She has one dog of her own, but evidently two stray have adopted her. She didn’t have the heart to call the pound, as the dog pound around here is a kill shelter – about 80% of the shelter dogs are killed within two weeks of being picked up or surrendered. So she is trying to feed three big dogs on an already skimpy paycheck. When I saw how thin the dogs are, I made up my mind to help them out. I want to find a source for cheap dog food and buy her a 50 pound bag for each dog. That should get them through Christmas at least and take some of the pressure off of her.

Any suggestions on where to find dog food at the best prices?

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