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Free Blogs

Several years ago when Google introduced their free blogs, I had no idea what they were about or why anyone would want one. I had to be prompted by peers to even look at my first blog. Then I decided to try it and created one for myself. I had hoped that my family would embrace blogs as a way to stay in touch with each other, but they all resisted. Its no fun writing a blog if no one ever comes along to read what you are doing. Thank goodness the blog was free so I didn’t waste any money on something that just ended up being ignored.

Parent applications for mobiles

I have been looking at possible parent applications with Android for cellphones and other mobile devices. And while at a wonderful party last week a friend was showing off that she had the ability to have her cellphone alerted, if her kids cellphone goes 100 feet from her home. Another really cool feature she showed me on her cellphone, is she could at anytime log onto her kids cellphone camera and see what her kids cellphone was seeing. I thought it would pretty neat to create a couple Android applications around the ideas of parents using it. Google”s new GPS feature is a a lot like this already but have it alert a user when another user goes outside of a specific area, I am not sure it does. The only thing similar to this in America that I have seen is Sprints Family Locator but you have to be a Sprint customer to use it so a universal one would be the goal.

Google Maps Mobile 2.0 Beta

The Google Maps Mobile 2.0 Beta is coming out and one of the great new features in this 2.0 upgrade is that when you log onto Google maps with your mobile device that is GPS enabled you have the ability to click a button in the menu items and it will show you exactly where you are. As a parent I think this new feature could come in handy as well as people who get lost in BIG cities. Worth checking out if you have a mobile!

Google Android for developers

Google announced Monday, that it is releasing free developer tools for its new operating system code named Android and also announced $10 million in prizes for programmers who create winning applications. After a quick download you can begin writing applications for Android using the open source Linux platform. And although the release of Android on mobile devices is not expected until late 2008 it is sure going to get a lot of attention from now, until then, with the amount of prize money being offered to developers for creating great applications. I am going to give it a try and see just what I can create for my own mobile, I am thinking something that brings together all my friends, from different social networks into one, on my mobile but was wondering what other people wanted on there mobile device, so let me know what application your looking for on your mobile device, and why?

Google in talks with wireless providers

Seems via Reuters UK, Google is talking with Sprint, Verizon Wireless and other mobile phone carriers about putting its Google applications on there cellphones. While Google has yet to comment on the matter in makes total sense for them to team up with the Worlds leading mobile providers in order to give there customers access to quality applications. I imagine Google stock will soar yet again when deals are announced publicly and to be honest I can not wait to get Google”s applications on my cellphone my favorite of course is Google”s Reader which allows me to keep up with many different feeds from various friends and news sources. but was wondering what you would want on your mobile from Google if you could get it, and why?

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