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Three Fun Days of Comicon

The comicon came through a couple of weeks ago. We had a blast going all three days. Every day we dressed up as someone else from our favorite comic or show. One day I was a walker from The Walking Dead, then I was dressed as a Klingon on the second day. We all dressed as characters from The Endless.

It was so much fun meeting cast members, illustrators and so many more people. I was able to get autographed photos of several of my favorite stars. And I even got to meet the great Stan Lee!

There is a comicon cruise that we are thinking about going on next year. Seven days and nights of hanging out with some of the amazing people we have come to love so much. The costumes that people wear are worth the tickets alone, because they are so amazing. People put a lot of effort into their costumes and some put a lot of money as well. You never know what you are going to see.

I know it may seem silly to some people, but comicon really is a lot of fun. I totally recommend going to one sometime for anyone who likes sci-fi and any of the old school comic books.

Nextbook Ares 8

Well, my best friend bought a cheap little tablet for her ten year old nephew. It is a Nextbook Ares 8. It is absolutely cute and versatile. The wifi works amazingly well for a tablet that costs so little. The graphics are amazing and it plays games like no tomorrow. He has downloaded dozens of games so the storage is really good as well. He plays with it constantly and is happy as a clam with it. For a child, I would say that this is a fairly good investment as it costs very little, especially if you catch it on sale.

There are however a couple of problems with it that I assume Nextbook will or has fixed in their next models. Firstly, and most important, you cannot allow it to “sleep.” If you do, it triggers something inside and you have to remove the back and disconnect the battery. You then have to wait ten to twenty seconds and reconnect.  Then you can turn it back on and it will work. It get a bit warm when you use it a lot and really it shouldn’t get that warm but as it isn’t a high end tablet, getting upset over it would be ludicrous.

Gaming with Alice in Wonderland

So a friend sent me a gift they thought was hilarious. It is the Xbox game, “Alice in Wonderland.” Turns out. I love it ! This Alice is so far different from the soft spoken girl in the books and movies it is not even funny. Your first job is to escape from an insane asylum and turns out  you’re crazy as a bed bug. Traversing the psychedelic world of this game is a lot of fun and kind of hard, at first, as well.

You are able to upgrade throughout the game and use other characters to help advance through the various stages, as well as to kill the red knights who are mad difficult to kill. The higher and further you get through the game, the more difficult these knights are to kill.

The effects of the game are ingenious, and you will love watching it unfold, even if it is difficult.  I spent a tremendous amount of time in battle though, so be prepared for that. My fingers began to get a bit tired from hitting the buttons to much. I still have not reached the end  – and I am not sure I ever will. However, I will persevere and continue trying whenever I have the chance to play.

April Fun

The first of April is celebrated in America as April Fool’s Day. I have no idea what the history is for this holiday. I think it is just one more good reason for a party and having some fun.

I like the idea of playing harmless jokes on people. It is fun to get people out of their comfort zone for a few moments. There have been some really creative practical jokes concocted over the years.

If anyone has ever played a joke on you on April Fools Day, please write a comment on my post and share the story. I’d love to hear it!

Exclusive games on mobile networks

Could exclusive games on mobile networks influence a persons decision to buy a contract? I think this question is being answered now and the results are something I am looking forward to seeing in the coming quarters of profits and new customers for various mobile networks. Of course content will always be a deciding factor for most people when they choose a cell phone and a service provider but games could have a huge impact.

Getting songs is something any phone can do even trailers and videos but games that only play on certain phone networks is sure to have a big impact on which new customers decide buying because they are the teenage and youth market and they play video games more than you average Joe who is in his 40s compared to a 16 year getting there first cellular phone.

Should be interesting to see is Microsoft one day releases Halo on a certain network or if Nintendo does the same with its big hit games, like Sony did recently with Verizon Wireless and its blockbuster game Metal Gear Solid which is exculsive to the Verizon customers only.

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