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Private Messages

Does anyone remember the evolution of private messages? When computers first came out, the internet was not something intended for home and personal use. It was for businesses. When we started bringing computers home and using them to communicate with friends and family, the demand for private messages began. I remember when Yahoo introduced their “Yahoo Instant Messenger” as part of their platform. I used it extensively during competitive gaming and forums. I liked the way you could get a response to your question quickly, plus you could find out quickly if someone was even online at the time or not. Come to think of it, I still use the Facebook private messaging system for the same thing.

Parent applications for mobiles

I have been looking at possible parent applications with Android for cellphones and other mobile devices. And while at a wonderful party last week a friend was showing off that she had the ability to have her cellphone alerted, if her kids cellphone goes 100 feet from her home. Another really cool feature she showed me on her cellphone, is she could at anytime log onto her kids cellphone camera and see what her kids cellphone was seeing. I thought it would pretty neat to create a couple Android applications around the ideas of parents using it. Google”s new GPS feature is a a lot like this already but have it alert a user when another user goes outside of a specific area, I am not sure it does. The only thing similar to this in America that I have seen is Sprints Family Locator but you have to be a Sprint customer to use it so a universal one would be the goal.

Google Android for developers

Google announced Monday, that it is releasing free developer tools for its new operating system code named Android and also announced $10 million in prizes for programmers who create winning applications. After a quick download you can begin writing applications for Android using the open source Linux platform. And although the release of Android on mobile devices is not expected until late 2008 it is sure going to get a lot of attention from now, until then, with the amount of prize money being offered to developers for creating great applications. I am going to give it a try and see just what I can create for my own mobile, I am thinking something that brings together all my friends, from different social networks into one, on my mobile but was wondering what other people wanted on there mobile device, so let me know what application your looking for on your mobile device, and why?

Mobile Safari without the IPhone via WaSP

Mobile Safari without the IPhone

Apple has brought Mobile Safari to the Ipod

Last week, Apple announced the new iPod Touch (essentially, an iPhone without the phone bits). What is particularly interesting about the iPod Touch is that it includes WiFi connectivity and Mobile Safari.

There are two aspects to this release that make it particularly interesting:

  1. Mobile Safari is now poised to explode in terms of market share, possibly driving a lot of innovation in the handheld browser market, and
  2. developers now have a far less expensive means of obtaining and testing on the new browser.

What do you think of this announcement? What repercussions do you think we will see?

Written By Aaron Gustafson

Mobile snaps reveal invisible art

My friend Kim wrote some random thoughts in her blog about a new technology on our mobiles that allows users to snap a picture with thier mobile camera to reveal invisible art or share there location.

“Scottish researchers are turning camera phones to help bridge the virtual world and the real world. Using image-matching algorithms the researchers have found a way to adorn the real world with digital content.

The technology has already been used to create a guide of Edinburgh that allows people to find virtual artworks placed around the city using their mobile.

Another related project uses the technology to automatically update a person’s blog with their location.