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Fuck Songs

Had to catch a ride home from work with one of the secretaries. My damn car wouldn’t start and I just called a tow truck to haul it away to Goodyear so the mechanics there can deal with it. But that left me stranded at work with no ride. I called everyone I could think of and got no answer and lots of voicemails. Finally, I just asked the secretary for the CEO if she would mind giving me a ride home if I gave her gas money, so she said OK.

We got in her car, which was full of all kinds of junk. It was really dirty with lots of trash in it, but wow – there was some weird stuff in that car – fishing poles, a case of bottled water, an empty gas can, and some magazines. And in the CD player was a disk that was a custom mix of songs. Someone had written “Fuck Songs” on CD with a sharpie pen. It was half hanging out of the CD player when we got in the car. She grabbed it and stuck it over the visor real quick, but I saw what it said. LOL

She tried to play it off and ignore the whole thing, but I think it is funny. The girl is single, she has a busy life and she wasn’t expecting to give me a ride home today. So who the hell am I to say anything about her fuck song cd?

Chasing Motorcycles

My female Jack Russell Terrier has decided that motorcycles are evil and must be chased.Thankfully, she never leaves the house without be leashed, so she cannot really chase them.But she will run hard to the end of the leash, barking madly, then running in a large arc back and forth across the yard until the motorcycle has topped the hill and is out of sight.

I have no idea why she suddenly hates motorcycles. I also wonder why all of a sudden we seem to have a lot of motorcycles driving past my house on the weekends. It is not a good combination.

Cars Being Cut

The new model year of American cars is usually every September. There always used to be ads in August for great savings on the end of model year cars to make room at the dealerships for the new inventory. I don’t recall seeing any commercials for this last month and very few commercials by dealerships for the new cars that are supposed to be out now. Of course, I am watching less TV than I used to, but still.

Toyota A-bat – please let this be my next car, or truck

It looks like a futuristic hardcore car of the future. Well it is, but they are calling it a truck. I could definitely see myself driving on these babies! Looks like something you would expect robocop to be driving in the urban future, but it’s a concept car that is eco friendly and has some very useful features that I wish would be incorporated into my current car.

The Toyota A-bat
From yahoo Autos – Jan 2008
Toyota Abat
The driver and three passengers sit in a highly defined cockpit with a sculptured alloy center console that is fitted with a portable power pack — so needed in the world of electronics. The power pack and portable navigation unit are recharged by dash-mounted solar panels.

The 4-foot long rear cargo bed has a translucent roof panel that slides open to accommodate taller objects, and the midgate has a pass-through that lengthens the bed by two feet. The cargo bed of the A-BAT is cleverly designed so that it can slide in and out, and carry a small motorcycle, camping gear, or whatever sorts of recreational equipment you desire. This Toyota concept is built on a unibody platform so that it rides smoothly on city streets and highways.

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