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Google Developer Day May 31 2007

Google Developer Day: Building blocks for better web applications

From Googles website

At Google, we want to help developers build better web applications. That’s why we have created APIs and tools to quickly enhance those applications, integrate with Google products and reach millions of users.

That is also why we are holding Google Developer Day.

Google Developer Day is a chance for programmers around the world to meet Googles developer product teams and learn something new be it an introduction to GData or a deep dive into KML. Its also an opportunity for us to listen to you and hear about what youre doing today, what you would like to do in the future and how we can help make that happen.

Whether you are writing an AJAX application with the Google Web Toolkit, integrating Google services through GData or using Google Maps to create geo applications, we hope you will leave Google Developer Day with a new set of building blocks to use in your next project.

AJAX Mistakes

AJAX Mistakes

A good list of mistakes one can make when developing DOM Scripting applications, in a handy editable wiki format. Give thanks to Chris Kaminski for this great tool

Google Developers Network

Google Developers Network is site for external developers interested in Google-related development. It is where we will publish free source code and lists of our API services.Some Google Open Source Project details can be found at but when logged in to your Google account you can start to enhance your website with an array of choices from embedding code on your site to making Google Gadgets

AJAX for Eclipse

AJAX for Eclipse

A group of organisations including IBM, Mozilla, Zimbra and Dojo have announced a project to develop a common set of AJAX interfaces, plugins and widgets for Eclipse. The project is aimed at providing a common target for tools developers to support, as opposed to the myriad open source and proprietary toolkits and libraries available today.

You can read more on the Dojo projects site

Adobe’s Spry Framework for AJAX

Adobes Spry Framework for AJAX

Adobe Labs have introduced a preview of their new Spry Framework for AJAX, which aims to demystify AJAX for a non-technical audience. Adobe are attempting to enable anyone with basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills to be able to harness the power of AJAX within their pages.

Sadly, at this initial stage it seems that the goal of easy-of-use has been held higher than even the most basic principals of valid markup and accessibility best practise. Opting to make implementation as simple as possible, Spry uses custom attributes and old-school obtrusive JavaScript techniques, welding the behaviour layer firmly to the content.

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