Ongoing Fireworks in the Neighborhood

The county that I live in has banned fireworks for years, but the county next to us has not. So, for the two weeks before the Fourth of July holiday, there is a steady stream of people from my county driving over the county line to buy fireworks. There are huge circus-like tents set up in shopping center parking lots and on vacant grassy lots on both sides of the road at every entry point into the the county. Fireworks is big business and a fun celebration if you are careful and don’t do anything stupid like blow up your hand or catch the trees on fire.

I think that the economy must be getting better because the people in my neighborhood have been spending a shitload of money on fireworks to celebrate the Fourth and setting them off every night since July 3. That shit is expensive and its starting to get bothersome.

Every night since July 3 there are bangs, pops, sizzles and whistles starting from the edge of darkness well into the next morning. No one calls the cops – that is surprising, considering some of the assholes who live near me – or the cops aren’t making much effort to respond to those types of nuisance complaints.

I’m not really complaining, either. Most of the fireworks have been visible from my own front yard, so I’ve been getting a free show for four nights. Celebrating at home beats the hell out of driving downtown, paying $20 for parking and putting up with all the drunk, stinking rednecks who drive in for the fireworks show on the riverfront. I just wish the dogs would not get so upset. Every bang makes them bark.

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