Do You Peek or Wait?

Christmas at my house was very strict about no peeking at any gifts until Christmas morning. In fact, we were not allowed to open any gifts at all until everyone in the house was awake and had their coffee in hand and gathered around the tree in the living room. If we dared to open anything before, my other would take the gift away and throw it in the trash – no matter what the gift was. No excuses accepted. We did not test her on that – we did not ever peek.

I think that people who let their kids open one gift on Christmas Eve or get up and tear through the presents before the parents wake up are raising spoiled brats with no character. I also think that opening a gift the night before ruins the anticipation of the big event. I feel sorry for kids are are not taught patience and good manners by their stupid parents. I think most of these over indulgent parents are just kids who didn’t have good parents in their own childhoods and never learned how to have good manners. If the parent dont have good manners, how can we expect them to teach their own kids good manners?

Oh well, enough of that rant. I just heard some bitches talking about letting their kids open gifts early and it flipped me out. Merry Christmas everyone.

Collecting Hints for Christmas Gifts

I’ve been asking family and friends to give me ideas about what they want for Christmas. So far they all just shrug and don’t really say much of anything. And it makes me wonder if the answer they give me is the same answer they are giving anyone else who asks them.

When I was a kid I don’t remember ever having any problem a long list of toys and games that i wanted from Santa. We went every year to sit on Santa’s lap and assure him that we’ve been good all year and truly deserve all the toys of our dreams. I still make a list of things that I want to buy, but instead of giving it to Santa I keep a running wish list on Amazon.

The cool thing about the Amazon wish list is that you can access it from any computer or mobile device and price shop or decide to get it from the local source or Amazon. If I get it, the item comes off the list. If I haven’t bought anything for a while, Amazon sends me a little reminder and says, “How about buying something for yourself for a change? You deserve a treat!” and they list 3 or 4 things from the wish list. I think that is really clever marketing and other businesses would be smart to learn this technique.

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