Really Heavy Traffic Today

It sure seems like half the country must have gone home for Thanksgiving and now they are all on the highway trying to get back home so everyone can go to work and school in the morning. This year I stayed home and it turns out that everyone in my family stayed home and had their own nuclear family holiday dinners. No one offered to hosted a big dinner for the whole family and no one seemed to care too much, either. I think that this bad economy has got everyone grumpy and worried about taking care of their own families.

On the plus side, there were no family dramas this year. No one had a big fight, no one hurled insults and threats, no one broke down in tears. Not that I know of, anyway. And if they did, at least it was in their own home and not in front of everyone else.

My dinner was prepared perfectly because I am an excellent cook. I ate when I was hungry, not when someone else called me to the table. And all the food was what I like and fixed the way I like it. For example, I like jellied cranberry sauce but I don’t like whole cranberry sauce. But every year we have dinner together someone has a fit about bringing homemade fresh whole berry sauce and I don’t get the jellied sauce until I go home with my little plate of leftovers.

So, I would say that this holiday was a great success and it might be a new tradition for this family. Stay the fuck home with your own spouse and kids and keep your dramas home with you!

Too White Teeth

Of course whitening teeth has been a cosmetic fad for several years now. But have you noticed that some people have gone way too far with whitening their teeth? They are practically glowing in the dark bright. I don’t find that attractive at all – it is actually very distracting to see someone on TV or in the movies with teeth so bright you need shades.

My dentist suggested a whitening but I turned him down. I think he just wanted to hit me up for some extra money and I am already in debt for the root canal and crown that he did for me. I can’t imagine paying more money for my teeth any time soon. It just costs to fucking much to go to the dentist anymore.

One of the whitening toothpaste commercials does have a good point. Their slogan is, “if you are not whitening – you are yellowing.” Well, I hate to admit it, but that’s so true. I looked in the mirror and noticed that my teeth are looking yellow and that maybe I should find a way to get them a little more white. I guess next time I see my dentist I should ask him the price of the whitening in his office and see if I can negotiate a way to get it done.

Cake or Pie and Why?

Facebook has a fun string going where a friend asked everyone to comment with their choice of cake or pie and to explain why they choose that answer. I have no problem answering immediately, pie. I love all kinds of pies and most of the time don’t like cake at all. I hardly ever eat cake other than on birthdays, and I really do not understand the cupcake craze. That seems like a total waste of money and calories.

Pies have been a standard dessert in my family for generations. We all take great pride in making a great crust and fillings from scratch. I absolutely love apple pie, especially after a big holiday traditional dinner. But to be truthful, my all time favorite kind of pie is key lime pie, followed in a close second place by lemon meringue pie.

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