Fuck I’m Hungry

Woke up too early this morning. I don’t usually even want any breakfast until I’ve been up and awake for a couple of hours. So when I got up too early it threw off my whole fucking schedule. My inner clock is messed up bad.

First thing I did was make a pot of coffee so I could function. Once the coffee was made, I took the dog out for his potty break and then took a shower. Totally skipped the Pop Tart or muffin and left the house. Now I’m still 2 hours from lunch break and I’m fucking starving!

If there’s nothing left in the break kitchen cabinets I am tempted to order pizza delivery. I can order that early and have it delivered a little early and grab a piece of hot pizza when it gets here so I don’t have to waste time getting in my car and driving somewhere, getting in line and then waiting for it to be made and passed through a window so I can fucking eat!

I guess I’ll have to make do with a snack from the vending machine. Maybe someone left a packet of instant oatmeal or instant soup in the kitchen. Anything would be better than this sick hungry feeling in my stomach. If I don’t eat something before lunch I’m going to end up with a migraine.

Fuck Songs

Had to catch a ride home from work with one of the secretaries. My damn car wouldn’t start and I just called a tow truck to haul it away to Goodyear so the mechanics there can deal with it. But that left me stranded at work with no ride. I called everyone I could think of and got no answer and lots of voicemails. Finally, I just asked the secretary for the CEO if she would mind giving me a ride home if I gave her gas money, so she said OK.

We got in her car, which was full of all kinds of junk. It was really dirty with lots of trash in it, but wow – there was some weird stuff in that car – fishing poles, a case of bottled water, an empty gas can, and some magazines. And in the CD player was a disk that was a custom mix of songs. Someone had written “Fuck Songs” on CD with a sharpie pen. It was half hanging out of the CD player when we got in the car. She grabbed it and stuck it over the visor real quick, but I saw what it said. LOL

She tried to play it off and ignore the whole thing, but I think it is funny. The girl is single, she has a busy life and she wasn’t expecting to give me a ride home today. So who the hell am I to say anything about her fuck song cd?

Playboy Collection

Today I was cleaning out the part of my basement that is under the stairs. It is a tiny space, next to the water heater and can’t be used for much of anything useful – certainly not an actual closet. So I had put a lot of storage things into plastic tubs and stuck them under the stairs. I call it my deep storage.

So the water heater is pretty new and it’s working good – knock on wood. But I realized that it does not have an insulating blanket around ti. So I decided to get a blanket from Home Depot and the only way I could get to it and reach all the way around was to pull some of the tubs out from under the stairs.

It was pretty weird to pull out those tubs – I was worried about dining spiders. Around here we have a huge problem with brown recluse spiders in basements and garages. So, I was being all paranoid about being under the stairs and didn’t even notice that a cardboard box was teetering on the edge of the tubs. I bumped into it as I was turning around in the tight space and it fell over.

The box was full of old Playboy magazines. I was surprised because I didn’t even know we had any copies of the old Playboy magazines. It turns out that someone has been buying them in secret and stashing them in a box under the stairs without me knowing about it.

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