Too Fucking Hot to Work

Last night I had to work late. I didn’t expect it, but it was a minor crisis and I don’t mind pitching in. A bunch of us had to stay late and go through tons of papers and old files. I don’t want to say why, but let’s just say that it was really important to find those files.

So the boss ordered pizza for everyone so we didn’t have to leave the building and go get something to eat. That was nice – I don’t eat much pizza but I was hungry and getting fucking tired and wanted to get it done so we could go the fuck home.

So here we are after 8:00 and we are still humping out way through all these boxes of papers and it starts getting hot in the office. I mean, it is summer and all, but we are in a high rise office building with air conditioning. Its not supposed to get hot in there.

So, we all started noticing how hot it was getting and then someone realized that the A/C was not working. So, who are you going to call at 8:00 at night about the A/c? Not our landlord, that’s for damn sure. We flipped switches on and off and adjusted the thermostat by poking a coat hanger wire through the plastic cage they have the A/C control locked up behind. But still nothing. So after a half hour of that bull shit I was getting sweaty and gave up.

I left and the boss was a little mad but I can’t be all sweaty and staying to work until midnight or anything – I was just being nice and helping out. It’s not like I get paid overtime money or anything because I’m on salary and it wasn’t even my job to deal with these papers. I just hope the fucking air conditioning is working today.

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