Best Damn Fried Chicken

If you are looking for the best fried chicken, where do you go or think of first? I used to think of Kentucky Fried Chicken right away. That is what I grew up on. My mother never fried chicken at home. She didn’t like to use all that hot oil and make the kitchen all hot and smelly. So she would buy a big bucket of KFC for dinner once in a while as a treat.

Nowadays I think of Popeyes Fried Chicken when I want the best fried chicken. Their chicken comes mild or spicy and their sides are fantastic. I always have a hard time figuring out which sides to get – I love them all!

Facebook is Getting Boring

Not sure what is going on with Facebook. Maybe its summer and people are going on vacation and busy at home with the kids being out of school. But it seems like only a handful of my friends are posting on there any more.

I sure hope its not because everyone is getting bored with Facebook and looking for something else to be a time suck. I like Facebook a lot, although it has taken me a while to figure out how to control the asshats and get rid of the drama queens. I want to use it to keep in touch with family and friends, share photos and have a few laughs. That’s what I get out of Facebook anyway. Without Facebook I guess we’ll all have to go back to sending out group emails.

Magic Mike Movie

Just got a glimpse of a new movie coming out this month called, Magic Mike. It stars that gorgeous hunk of a guy who played in G I Joe two years ago. His name is Channing Tatum and he is one of the most gorgeous guys in the movies these days. I really want to see this movie – he plays a male stripper and it reminds me of the fun nights I used to have at the Hangar Club in Maryland when they had the male stripper shows there.

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