New Carpet

When you think about it, the types of flooring that have developed over the years is pretty amazing. I mean, a couple hundred years ago people had dirt floors. Then they started using cobblestones and wood. Eventually someone discovered how to weave and make rugs out of wool and cotton. Then the plastics industry took off and modern carpeting was on a fast track to cover all the homes of the United States.

When I was a kid my parents had a purple shag carpet in their living room. My mom loves the color purple and that carpet was right up her alley. She even painted her bedroom walls a purple color. I personally can’t stand the color purple in a house, but I don’t live there anymore and if she likes it, then she can have all the purple she wants and it won’t bother me.

I have to get some new carpet for my living room. This old brown carpet came with the house and reminds me of the color of baby shit that you find in a diaper. I hate this color and want something pretty. I can promise you it won’t be purple and it won’t be baby shit brown, but I have no idea what color to get.

Yes I Say That!

rude girl

Someone told me I was rude to my cousin on facebook. They don’t even fucking know me and I wasn’t even talking to them. I told them to fuck off. Yes, I can be rude when you push the wrong buttons.

New Music Worth a Listen

Just heard a new band last night and I really liked their sound. They played at a club here and I got to meet the band backstage because I’m friends with the owner of the club.

Anyway, the band is called “Hello Kelly” and they play a variety of rock songs. Its easy to dance to their music and its easy to listen to while having a drink or chatting up your friends.

What’s for Lunch?

It’s already past lunch time and I’m starving. Anyone have a good idea for something different for lunch? I am so sick of hamburgers that I could scream. I don’t have time for a full service, sit down restaurant. It’s gotta be fast and it has to taste good. What’s for lunch?

I Plead the Fifth!

bead guilt

Yes, I do have beads. Real beads from partying in New Orleans. No, I’m not going to tell you what I did to get them. You are going to have to guess. It might help if you have a dirty mind.

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