No Coffee?

This may turn out to be an emergency of sorts. I walked into the kitchen this morning to make a pot of coffee and there is NO COFFEE. How can that happen? I know I left enough coffee in the canister for one more pot. This can only mean that SOMEONE else made a pot of coffee yesterday or last night and they used the last of it. How totally irresponsible and inconsiderate. This has put me in a really foul mood.

Looking at the Kindle

I love the Amazon web site and I find myself chopping there almost weekly instead of going to a regular shopping center, mall or store. I would rather buy something I like at a fair price and have them worry about finding the right size and color for me. I hate looking through racks of clothing or shelves of items trying to find the right brand or the right fit or the right style. Invariably there is every size and color on the rack except the one that I want.

Amazon has been heavily promoting their digital reader called the Kindle. It is featured on the front page of their web site and they even send me emails promoting it. I like the idea of one, but don’t know a single person who has one to give me an actual testimonial. If you have one, how about leaving me a comment about what you like best or if it has any shortcomings that you’ve discovered once you started using it.

Still Beat the Deadline

This morning I drove to the 24 hour post office and dropped off my tax return. There were dozens of people there doing the same thing. I know we have extra days this year to file the forms, but I didn’t see any sense in waiting until the very last minute. So I took care of it this morning and now I don’t have to worry about it anymore.

The Problem with Free Advice

There was a cute saying shared by one of my Facebook friends. It says that a word to wise is a waste of time. If they are wise, they don’t need any advice. It’s the stupid ones who need the advice, and they are the least likely ones to accept it and put it to good use.

I think that is very true, although you would probably have a hard time finding anyone who would actually admit to being stupid. Yet I see stupid people all day long. They are all around us – the ones texting while driving. The ones listening to their iPods with earbuds in their ears while driving. The ones posting embarrassing photos of themselves on Facebook. The ones sexting on company issued cell phones and laptops. The ones wearing ridiculous clothing at WalMart. It is amazing to me how many stupid people are really out there.

April Fun

The first of April is celebrated in America as April Fool’s Day. I have no idea what the history is for this holiday. I think it is just one more good reason for a party and having some fun.

I like the idea of playing harmless jokes on people. It is fun to get people out of their comfort zone for a few moments. There have been some really creative practical jokes concocted over the years.

If anyone has ever played a joke on you on April Fools Day, please write a comment on my post and share the story. I’d love to hear it!

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