Allergies are Kicking My Booty

There are a certain kind of tree around here that I had never noticed back in Virginia where I grew up that are giving me allergy problems every Spring. In fact, back in Virginia I don’t remember having much trouble with allergies my entire childhood. We all played outdoors as much as possible and I almost never got sick.

My mom suffered from hayfever really badly but thank goodness none of us kids seem to have inherited that. I know that she would spend two long moths sneezing and coughing and being miserable while the ragweed bloomed and pollenated the area.

Eventually, my mom got shots that helped cure her of the ragweed allergies, but now that I live in Tennessee, something n the air makes me sneeze every spring for two, sometimes three, weeks. I notice it always happens when the Redbud trees are starting to bloom. I wonder if that is an allergy in itself or does something else bloom at the same time as the Redbuds that is really causing me to be suffering?

Shamrocks and 4 Leaf Clovers


Everyone is wearing green today and they risk getting pinched. That is half the fun of having St. Patrick’s Day celebrated in America. There’s no really good reason for us to be celebrating something that happened in Ireland, other than it’s a good excuse for people with any Irish in their bloodline to go have a party. And that is good enough for me!

The New Timeline

It seems like Facebook has been threatening people with changing to the new Timeline format since around Christmas. But there are still a lot of people on my Friend’s List who have not changed over yet. Does anyone know the actual forced transition date? I had heard it was the first of March, but that has not turned out to be true.

So many people are bitching and complaining about the new Timeline – I don’t know what their problem is. I’m happy to see the change and I love trying new things. I am shocked to realize that so many of my friends are just fuddy duddies who live their lives in a big rut and resist anything new or exciting. I am starting to question whether I should even keep them as friends?

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