Crock Pot Recipes

Somehow I came across a Facebook group for people who use crockpots. I thought that was interesting, that so many people use crockpots and that they are such a subculture of the cooking world that they felt they needed a Facebook page to enhance their activtities.

So, I liked their page and checked out some of the recipes that were linked to the Facebook page. I even tried two of them – and they turned out great! But I have to admit that I am not a crockpot fanatic. It is just one more tool in my kitchen that is at my disposal for when I want to fix something that cooks slowly and makes the whole house smell wonderful when I walk in the door, tired and hungry.

Free Blogs

Several years ago when Google introduced their free blogs, I had no idea what they were about or why anyone would want one. I had to be prompted by peers to even look at my first blog. Then I decided to try it and created one for myself. I had hoped that my family would embrace blogs as a way to stay in touch with each other, but they all resisted. Its no fun writing a blog if no one ever comes along to read what you are doing. Thank goodness the blog was free so I didn’t waste any money on something that just ended up being ignored.

Private Messages

Does anyone remember the evolution of private messages? When computers first came out, the internet was not something intended for home and personal use. It was for businesses. When we started bringing computers home and using them to communicate with friends and family, the demand for private messages began. I remember when Yahoo introduced their “Yahoo Instant Messenger” as part of their platform. I used it extensively during competitive gaming and forums. I liked the way you could get a response to your question quickly, plus you could find out quickly if someone was even online at the time or not. Come to think of it, I still use the Facebook private messaging system for the same thing.


All these years of computing and I never really gave much thought to keyboards. I would just buy a computer and use whatever keyboard came with it. Most of the keyboards were laid out and intended to mimic a standard typewriter, with an added section¬† on the right for a number pad laid out like a 10-key calculator.¬† Then they added a row of function keys, cursor arrows, and now we have all kinds of shortcut buttons for muting sound, going to email and accessing the internet. It is amazing what options are right at our fingertips in today’s digital world.

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