New From Vince Gill

One of my favorite features of the free internet music service, Spotify, is the way they list a dozen or so brand new albums on their home page. They have a tab called, “What’s New.” I always look at those albums and artists to see what’s happening. Today, I found a new album from Vince Gill, called “Guitar Slinger.”

I just listened to the whole album for free on Spotify. I am no such a huge country music or bluegrass fan, but I have to say that I love this album. The songs are a nice variety of tempos and lyrics. Its not all about losers, cheaters and drunks like so many country songs are these days. I am going to listen to it again and probably download at least two of the songs, “Buttermilk John” and “True Love” which is a duet with his fabulous wife, singer Amy Grant.

Costume Shopping

This year we are going out for an Adult Halloween party. Since Halloween is on a Monday night, the adults are taking the Saturday and Sunday nights for ourselves.

I went to the KMart looking for a costume. I am shocked and dismayed. The cheap crap they are selling for $40 is awful. They have the nerve to charge over $20 for little more than a large green trash bag that they are calling a cape. I’m not spending good money on that cheap crap.

Books vs Kindles

Last year the best selling item at Christmas on Amazon was the Kindle. I think that they are really cool, but this is so early in the development of the new electronics. My biggest objection to most of them is that they are mono displays. I want a full color screen and books with color illustrations and photos. So I am waiting a bit – there will be better models coming out.

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