Cars Being Cut

The new model year of American cars is usually every September. There always used to be ads in August for great savings on the end of model year cars to make room at the dealerships for the new inventory. I don’t recall seeing any commercials for this last month and very few commercials by dealerships for the new cars that are supposed to be out now. Of course, I am watching less TV than I used to, but still.

Smooth Jazz

On the West Coast there are many radio stations that play jazz, smooth jazz and easy listening stations. Even classical stations. I find it really strange that here in Music City, the radio stations are either pop, country or classic rock. We don’t have a blues station, or a jazz station at all. When I feel like some soothing background music, I have to pop in my earbuds and listen to music that I’ve found on my own on the internet. So sad, and a really poor reflection what should be the very best of all music genres here.

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