My 2011 wordpress / automattic wish

I am really hoping that the fine folks at automattic / wordpress will roll out less updates this year. Don’t get me wrong, I love fact that they actually do security updates, and that there is a global community working together to find any security issues and reporting them so they can get fixed, but all of the new features they keep coming up with are really a waste of time. I’d also like to see them spend more time fixing bbpress and buddypress.

I love wordpress, but I do not enjoy the massive amount of time I have had to spend helping my friends constantly update their blog sites. I see a lot of promise in the buddypress add-ons, and the bbpress forums – but those seem to have so many problems and lack of attention to essential ingredients, that right now they are nothing more than snips of code hobbyists might spend weeks of time trying to get basic functionality out of, only to find lacking support and better products from other software vendors.

Hopefully this will be a better year of polished products from Matt, Doncha, and the rest of the Automattic crew. Right now I am really torn about keeping a standalone wordpress, and almost ready to tell all of my friends to simply switch to a different bloggin product in order to avoid all of the constant manual updates to wordpress and various plugins. I already steer friends and colleagues away from the bbpress and buddypress products, as there are much better solutions available. Even though some of the better products cost money, and these open source projects are free, once you add up the hours spent trying to get basic functions to work properly, you will find that spending a few hundred bucks actually saves you lots of time and money. My 2011 hope is that this will change this year.

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