The Primitive Radio GODS

Found one of my favorite songs of all time on You Tube the other day and i am going to book mark the page here on my blog so i can always find it and do you can enjoy it as well. The song is by The Primitive Radio Gods and is named “Phone Booth” the song helps me pass by time when i am doing repetitive work behind the computer. i know all the words to it so I am able to sing along with it and it is not so loud that I have to turn down the bass to wake my family while they are a sleep. if you have never heard this song before or seen the music video then click over and listen or watch.

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  • By Monica, March 1, 2008 @ 5:51 pm

    I’m recovering from a cold that has affected my hearing, so I could not understand the words! I’ll have to check back later when my ears are better. Is there a site that has the words in print?

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