Some military clothing technology new to me

Kary is considering making BDU pants the new company uniforms at trade shows. so I looked into these styles and find that the olive and navy BDUs with the extra pockets may be an excellent choice as I can see my cell phone, blackberry, note pad and extra clips will all have an easy to access home with the new pants. Thankfully we get to choose from several shirt styles with company logos, so I will be able to sport a polo with the BDU’s and I won’t look to much like cop. While shopping for BDUs I found that sells the new military BDUs that have the blackhawk tourniquettactical bdus system built in.

Someone had the military channel on and I was hearing about a new idea for military BDUs that was part of saving lives, a basic idea. There was an interview with a guy explaining that a lot of trauma occurs after a wound in the battlefield simply because the time it takes to get a tourniquet tied to the body is often a long time. The idea was to have tourniquets built into the BDUs soldier’s were wearing, several in strategic locations around the body so that if needed it was right there and fast to stop excessive bleeding. This is one of those simple and great ideas.
I had thought that the tourniquet system was still on the drawing board, only to find out that it is already in production and available. I also learned that premium military BDUs can have an infrared repelling coating tot he fabric in an effort to reduce the heat signature that shows up with night vision scopes that the bad guys might be using. I had no idea there was such a technology, but I guess it’s working and in use.

I think most everyone in the company will end up getting their BDUs without the ITS system, but if you are looking for military clothing should be your first step in finding the hi tech stuff.

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  • By Monica, March 1, 2008 @ 5:52 pm

    I didn’t know that about the tourniquet system – what a great idea!

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