Exclusive games on mobile networks

Could exclusive games on mobile networks influence a persons decision to buy a contract? I think this question is being answered now and the results are something I am looking forward to seeing in the coming quarters of profits and new customers for various mobile networks. Of course content will always be a deciding factor for most people when they choose a cell phone and a service provider but games could have a huge impact.

Getting songs is something any phone can do even trailers and videos but games that only play on certain phone networks is sure to have a big impact on which new customers decide buying because they are the teenage and youth market and they play video games more than you average Joe who is in his 40s compared to a 16 year getting there first cellular phone.

Should be interesting to see is Microsoft one day releases Halo on a certain network or if Nintendo does the same with its big hit games, like Sony did recently with Verizon Wireless and its blockbuster game Metal Gear Solid which is exculsive to the Verizon customers only.

Started my pre update

I have been tinkering around with my blog for the last couple of hours doing a pre-update check to ensure my WordPress blog will be ready for a update when the new 2.5 is released sometime this week. I am hoping for a smooth transition from my old version to my new version. The last time I did an update a whole bunch of funny symbols showed up in the comments and posts and I had to go thru and manually remove all the symbols which took a couple of hours each day for about a week.

I have also added a couple more friends to my blog roll and hope that all my readers go over and check out what they are writing about in there blogs because they would not be there if they were not good, I promise.

ip addresses – yours, theirs, locations

I had known for some time that ip addresses were one way for people to find out who you are, online. I knew that each computer had to access the internet through a gateway that has it’s own ip address, what I hadn’t known years ago, is that there are many ways to get someone’s ip address, and how easy it is to locate someone on a map, even from the other side of country, with just an ip number.ip address pic

A few years ago I was chatting with someone using the instant messenger that came with another program, while talking with this gentlemen, he asked me how the weather is today in Lebanon TN. This shocked me, I had just met this guy online, how did he know where I worked? Was it someone I knew, but didn’t know I was talking to him? I had to chat with this guy for an hour to get him to divulge how he knew where I was.

He explained that his firewall program showed the ip address of incoming connections, and my chat window was just that, an incoming connection, so he took the ip address number and popped it into a free online tool, ip location, and had my whereabouts pinpointed in about 30 seconds. If that sounds complicated, believe me, it is not. Just about everyone has a firewall program running on their computer, it may take some tinkering to find connected ips, but that is the only hard part. Once you have someone’s ip addy, simply put it into one of the free online ip address tools and it will show you a map of where they are connecting from the internet.

Don’t worry, these tools don’t give you the actual street address of the person you are connecting with,just the connecting node from the net. So Jack was able to find that I was accessing the internet through comcast in Lebanon TN, he knew the area that I was in, but not my actual, exact location. Of course a subpoena to comcast could them to divulge the address wince they have the exact records of where each ip resolves to.

There are also cool tools for checking the email headers someone sent you, and getting their ip and it’s originating address on a map as well.

There are ways to mask these things, proxies, remailers, and other programs to hide ip’s from email and while surfing the net, but most people do not use them.

More virtual worlds being developed for kids

It seems like second life had a bunch of press for a while and then kind of faded in the media, yet there were / are tons of people that are exploring it everyday. This week I have seen two more virtual worlds in the news, and I am surprised that there will be so much focus on making them kid friendly.

From the wired campus blog:

Indiana U. Receives Grant for Development of Virtual World for Children

The Indiana University School of Education has received a three-year, $1.8-million grant from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation to expand the virtual world Quest Atlantis, which is designed to help foster creativity, social responsibility, and compassion in children ages 9 through 12.

Watch Sasha Barab, the university director of the Center for Research on Learning and Technology, discuss Quest Atlantis.-Andrea L. Foster

Looks like virtual worlds will continue to be developed, I wonder how much better they can get? It seems the the VR worlds I’ve explored are already very good, perhaps these initiatives will not be as much about making new VR or 3d technology, but about creating community. I wonder which VR worlds will end up with the most regular users.

and From Techcrunch:

EA-Land is the new, free Sims Online (TSO). The 12 different cities from TSO are being moved to EA-Land and the game area is being expanded to be “100 times bigger than the previous size of any city.” Existing TSO users will be able to purchase land in EA-Land before the new (reincarnated) world is open to the public with paying TSO users becoming “EA-Land subscribers” in a similar fashion to the way Linden Lab charges for land in Second Life.

Users of EA-Land will have the ability to upload custom content and (more importantly) buy these customizations from other players. Sounding a lot like Second Life? It gets better:EALand

There is one significant difference though to Second Life: EA-Land won’t become the wild west as EA will be “approving all of the content [so] this user content is safe to be viewed by everyone.”

I remember when there were several social networks trying to coral the most users, and it seemed for a while that myspace had won the most people, but wasn’t necessarily the best social network software running. I would have bet that tagworld or me.com would have prevailed in that arena since the user interfaces seems better to me. There were many things that shaped myspace as a popular destination for the majority of users, and I believe a large part of that was myspace staying out of what people were putting on their pages (and by extension their 2d virtual world). With EA pushing to keep it rated E for everyone, I hope that take two will make an adult version and perhaps base it on Grand Theft Auto where it is not for everyone, so me and my friends can have a VR world that is not kid friendly, and therefor more fun to run around in.

The Primitive Radio GODS

Found one of my favorite songs of all time on You Tube the other day and i am going to book mark the page here on my blog so i can always find it and do you can enjoy it as well. The song is by The Primitive Radio Gods and is named “Phone Booth” the song helps me pass by time when i am doing repetitive work behind the computer. i know all the words to it so I am able to sing along with it and it is not so loud that I have to turn down the bass to wake my family while they are a sleep. if you have never heard this song before or seen the music video then click over and listen or watch.

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