Adobe AIR to put websites into desktop widgets

From yahoo news / AP

that have created downloadable, desktop versions of their Web sites using software developed by Adobe Systems Inc.

Adobe is launching the application, called AIR, on Monday. Adobe says AIR will allow any company with a Web site to inhabit a permanent spot on people’s desktops.

It also reduces the wait time for downloading images and data, because the desktop is constantly updated while the computer is online.

Adobe says AIR runs on any operating system.

Look for Ebay to be one the first to show up on your desktop in a widget using Adobe AIR. I think this is a cool idea, I doadobe air logo wonder what the effects will be on my system performance when I get a half dozen direct connect widgets running for various web sites. I would like to see a multiple rss feed style widget like this however. I am not familiar with the capabilities of the AIR widget system from adobe, I wonder if it will be able to run flash web sites and music and such.

Would be very cool to have something like this that could be a widget for mobile devices allowing current flash video and flash sites to play with.

Some military clothing technology new to me

Kary is considering making BDU pants the new company uniforms at trade shows. so I looked into these styles and find that the olive and navy BDUs with the extra pockets may be an excellent choice as I can see my cell phone, blackberry, note pad and extra clips will all have an easy to access home with the new pants. Thankfully we get to choose from several shirt styles with company logos, so I will be able to sport a polo with the BDU’s and I won’t look to much like cop. While shopping for BDUs I found that sells the new military BDUs that have the blackhawk tourniquettactical bdus system built in.

Someone had the military channel on and I was hearing about a new idea for military BDUs that was part of saving lives, a basic idea. There was an interview with a guy explaining that a lot of trauma occurs after a wound in the battlefield simply because the time it takes to get a tourniquet tied to the body is often a long time. The idea was to have tourniquets built into the BDUs soldier’s were wearing, several in strategic locations around the body so that if needed it was right there and fast to stop excessive bleeding. This is one of those simple and great ideas.
I had thought that the tourniquet system was still on the drawing board, only to find out that it is already in production and available. I also learned that premium military BDUs can have an infrared repelling coating tot he fabric in an effort to reduce the heat signature that shows up with night vision scopes that the bad guys might be using. I had no idea there was such a technology, but I guess it’s working and in use.

I think most everyone in the company will end up getting their BDUs without the ITS system, but if you are looking for military clothing should be your first step in finding the hi tech stuff.

Laptop as a heater tonight

Today I decided to pick up the laptop off the coffee table and put it in my lap for some extra heat. It’s cold outside and a little chilly in here. No need to turn up the heat for the whole house, I’ll be in bed sometime in the next few hours. I could just put on a second pair of socks, or some thermal ones, but for now I’m enjoying my feet on the coffee table (the air is a little warmer there compared to the floor, plus the spot they are resting on is warm already from the laptop.) and leaningback on the ocuch is nice for a change.

So far my legs are warm and happy, the laptop is warm, but not overbearing hot. I’m enjoying like a cup of hot tea, and it was so much easier to just grab the laptop for some extra warm, rather getting up and boiling some water.

Whistleblowing, gossip and rumors under fire – free speech as well

I encourage everyone to share their good and bad experiences when it comes to jobs, and life in general. A good friend saved me from continuing at one of my previous jobs when she explained to me in myspace blog post about what happened to her when she moved up in the company and ended up at the corporate office. At that point I knew I had no business striving to reach that level and it saved me a lot of time and effort. I was telling Sara about a site on the net that focus on sharing gossip and rumors, and another site that focused on whistleblowing about bad corporate activities, and she told me that there was some bad news about these sites recently. I told her how surprised I was that they have been under so much scrutiny given the free speech guarantees that we are supposed to have in this country.

juicy campus logo

Wikileaks recently had a court order to shut down, but i think the whistleblowing site will return and the court proceedings should pave the way for other sites like it to stay afloat without challenge. The college rumor site has gotten some bad press, but my hope is that people will wake up and learn to take thins they read online, and hear in person for that matter, with a grain of salt. I know that there is a whole industry of forensic web people out there that scour the internet looking for information about companies online, trying to protect the reputation of businesses from being tarnished by people posting information on web sites. While I see the value of this type of work, I think sometimes these places go to far in their tactics for changing information that has been posted. I mean if someone finds a ranting blog post on a myspace about xyz company or person for that matter, surely adults can know in their mind that the post is only half the story, and it is one person’s view of events. I seriously doubt that someone will come across a random anonymous post and decide that they shouldn’t invest in something.

The power of technology and the internet should not be limited with frivolous cease and desist letters and law suits and malicious prosecutions, all limiting free speech. People should be adults and consider all angles and makeup their minds by the credibility and amount of posts. If you read something that is anonymous, you take it with a grain of salt. If you read something on from Larry King, well, you take that for what that is. Heck a lot of people today don’t even believe what the mainstream media reports, why should eveyone be freaking out about what is posted on a no name site with no credible author?

Perhaps this will be the decade where people learn to toughen up their listening skills. Already you see a big movement on where people will demand references and sources before buying into any story. Now if we can just get the rest of the world to wake up, demand proof, take everything with a grain of salt, and stop listening to gossip so much. I do believe that listening to gossip encourages it. When someone is talking about someone to you, be sure that they will be talking about to someone else later, and probably in a similar scandalous tone.

So use technology to spread the word, use sources when you can. If you must write anonymously be sure not to include any details that will get you found out through a process of elimination. If you are going to hate on something keep it real, and realize that when other people are hating, often they are only telling part of the truth.

Post anonymously when you’re disgruntled at work

Sara just emailed me about a new site that is about to launch, where people will be encouraged to post their disgruntled rants about their jobs, employers or workplaces. I know there are plenty of people who post the corporate dirty laundry online when they have bad experiences, often through their personal myspace blogs, livejournals, and what have you. The idea of putting them all in one place with a site like is a good idea. Perhaps it will be easier to do a search about a prospective employer before taking a job somewhere. As it is now you can search around for blogs about different companies, but there is no standard for what to type in to a search engine. I’ve seen people type things like xyz company+negative+blog, but there is not standard tag or keyword that people would be typing, so the research can be tedious. With this new site I imagine it will much easier to find multiple posts about the bad companies out there.

Once again technology bringing power to the people, let’s use it wisely!

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