LED rope lights – a lot cheaper than neon

I have a friend who has been in the process of opening his own nightclub, over the past two months they have built the inside to look great, and now are focused on the outside of the building. led rope lightsI was quite surprised to find out that neon around the building was going to cost in the neighborhood of $50,000 for just a couple of strips around the building. Well they don’t have that in the budget, but they need something to draw the attention!

In comes the newer LED technology, I remember when the LED rope lights first came out, they were in the neighborhood of a thousand dollars for one strip, and that is actually a bargain compared to the quote we got on the neon, so I did some more research and found that LED rope lights have become much more affordable. I guess there are all kinds of places using them now and it’s bringing the price down to where it’s affordable for even homeowners to use them I may end up adding some of these to the driveway!

Rich ended up using the red LED lights for sign at the new club, and they looked so good from the highway, they decided to use white lights to highlight the driveway and entrance. I guess we’ll be seeing less neon around town with these prices!

Man catches shark – shark bites man

In Australia a guy reels in a 200 pound shark, gets it up on the dock, then gets bit and almost dies. Now there is a moral to this story somewhere. Perhaps not to catch something bigger than you, or at least something with a much larger mouth and teeth than you have. Perhaps the you should know not to step on a shark’s tail, even if he is not in the water.mako shark

Excerpt from story found at Newsvine:

The man had been fishing for tuna when he reeled in the 10-foot shark and landed it on the deck.

“He stepped on its tail and it whipped around and latched on to his tight calf, biting through to the bone,” Russell said.

“The shark had his leg clamped in its jaws for several minutes until other deckhands cut its head off,” he added.

USB Turntable – turn vinyl records into digital files

It’s finally here – the opportunity to rip all of my mom’s vinyl record collection into digital files, the USB connected digital turntable. I’ve been hounding my mother to download usb-vinylthe mp3s of her favorite albums for years, since they are so easily damaged by heat and sun, it just makes sense to download a backup. Well now she is not going to have to download at all.

I am getting this USB turntable and setting her up to rip her albums herself. I know she will enjoy the projects, because it will be a trip down memory lane just going through all of her old albums. I’ve been wanting something like this for years, and I’ve had many friends ask me about ways to import their vinyl records, and I always suggested just getting a rca to 1/8th inch adapter and plug into the soundcard on the computer. This works okay for some people, but the sound quality can be pretty crappy, especially if you have an on board sound card. This new USB turntable takes care of the audio and is an easy solution.

Found via First Street

They also have a retro looking unit that can record vinyl and tapes to CDs all in one unit.

review of super cheap $100 laptops dissapoints

There has been a lot fo talk about the one laptop per child initiative, or OLPC’s – when the news broke about $100 laptops – all kinds of people were talking about it. I remember talk about the possibility of buys one $200 and that would provide someone in a third world country with a laptop while you get one too. Well it looks as though the price has gone a bit (as of today around $230 – $300 perhaps) – and it seems that they have created a rugged design at a good price. Unfortunately some of operating issues may make these a failure.intel classmate pc

In an article I found one guy talks about the OLPC and the necessity to upgrade the linux by command line in order to get it update and get on the internet:

They eventually had to reconfigure and upgrade the operating system, a complex process certainly not doable by a computer rookie. Pity the child in a remote Cambodian village trying to figure out this instruction from the OLPC Web site: “At your root prompt, type: olpc-update (build-no) where (build-no) is the name of the build you would like.”

Even worse, in order to save trees, the OLPC arrived with very few printed instructions. Instead the users were directed to a Web site for help, which would have been an insurmountable challenge if this was their only computer.

The article goes on the whine and moan that the intel version had a hard time with a word processor being while along with a few internet tabs. Of course there is no telling which writing software was being used in this little experiment, open office, microsoft’s bloated office or what. For that price and the ruggedness I would happily use a stripped down notetab lite to write with. Perhaps a second generation of these will be available and we will have a success story then.

Quality Flashlights

You all know that I have an affinity for flashlights. I have 2 in my car, one or two with me at all times, a flashlight in almost every room of the house. If I’m walking through a store I always take a moment to look at the new styles of flashlights that are available. I love the new LED flashlights that are available everywhere. It’s one thing to grab a flashlight when you need it and find that batteries are dead, but when a bulb goes bad – that just gets me. I have had a lot of luck with the LED lighting that is available these days – never had to replace a bulb with one of these.

I have found however that when you pick up a cheap three pink LED flashlightdollar flashlight as an impulse buy at the counter you are definitely getting what you pay for. One I bought at an auto parts store last week is always useless – not sure what exactly is wrong with it, but it’s basically falling apart. I have found that the higher quality lights cost a bit more, but then I have no worries about them working when I need them.

Surfing for new LED flashlights I found this cool pink one online, and while there I found they have underwater rated  dive lights that I may have to get chuck for his birthday, then maybe he’ll take me on his next scuba trip.

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