Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface represents a new trend to come with the way we all interact with digital content. With Surface you can easily grab data with your hands and move information between objects with simple gestures and touches of the screens surface. Surface features a 30 inch tabletop display which allows for multiple users to work independently or simultaneously together without using a mouse or keyboard. Mandy has a great video on her blog of Microsoft Surface in action and the most interesting feature I saw was the ability to easily extract information for a mobile deviceƂ to another mobile or share it online with just a touch of the screen. Of course a bigger 60 or 70 inch would be make it easier to use with multiple users. No word on the cost but is it set to be released in Winter of 2007

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  • By Patrick, July 11, 2007 @ 3:02 pm

    This looks liek such a great technology, I can not wait till it becomes mainstream and more affordable. Would be awsome ot have in my home.

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