Apple Developer Center

This June 11-15 , the center of the Mac universe will be in downtown San Francisco, as developers from around the globe come together for the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. At WWDC, you’ll work hands-on with the latest developer tools, learn best practices for choosing and using the latest APIs and make the most of the latest features and services in Mac OS X. And once you have registered for the event you get a Mac OS X Leapord Early Start Kit which includes

Pre Release Versions of Mac OS X Leapord and Xcode 3.0

Exclusive accesss to the Leapord Dev Center with documentation and code samples

WWDC 2006 videos, featuring Leapord sessions, through ADC and iTunes

The tickets are a bit expensive but if you get a five pack you get one free, which thanks to Margret Sloan is how I am attending this years event.