Mrs Marilyn Mueller not the other one

Mrs Marilyn Mueller has all the personality Mrs Monroe did but a even greater look in my opinion, since she has dark colored hair not blond like the famous Marilyn. Who knows, one day she may become famous because of her beauty and her thoughts because her ideas are very well thought out and to listen to her talk about some of things she is into, just blows me away you can read some of her thoughts and ideas over on her new blog. She also plays violin and heads up the PTA in her local community. She is a mother of three children and is one very outgoing person, which should reflect in her posts.

Thats Misses Mackenzie

I still remember the first time I saw this lady named Darlene she was chewing some guy out and he said “sorry girl it wont happen again” and she snapped and said “Thats Misses Mackenzie to you sir not girl” and he said “sorry Misses Mackenize it would not happen again mam I promise” which sent me almost rolling to the floor laughing out loud but then she pointed and snapped her finger and said, go. Which the drunk old man that was peeing on her flowers in her yard, did, and in a hurry. Then I walked over and introduced myself, and that is how I first met my neighbor and friend Darlene Mackenzie

See Noreen how easy this is

My friend from way back when Noreen is sitting beside me, she has just started up her WordPress blog and I am showing her here, how to post to it, with this actual post. Now she wants to know how to link so bam Noreen is now linked. The next is a picture but I do not have any worth uploading on this computer to the internet but wham bam and we did the picture upload, sorry for all those who do not get to see the cute pic we put up for this post. The final steps are the category selections and then push the publish button.

Spreading the blogging word

After sharing that I had a blog and showed it around to my family and friends, some of them wanted one to even my own Granny. Since WordPress is what I use to blog with I recommended they used a WordPress blogging platform to start with, for ease of use and for me being able to train them to use it. After a couple of days of buying the domains and choosing a server to host them on we finally got them up and running and these gals should be posting some of the great things that women write, when it comes to what they know. If you enjoy reading my blog, well I am sure you will be amazed at what these womens bloggers have to say that I am going to show you in coming posts.

Funny symbols

Did an update to my blog to the newest version of WordPress and funny symbols started showing up everywhere in my posts. After reading the support forums I found out that because I did something wrong a couple of upgrades ago I am always going to have the same problem when I auto install update with Fantistico, which means I will have to do a manual update every time for now on otherwise, the funny symbols will reappear. Anyways spent about an hour fixing the posts and most seemed to be fixed, should you seen any please leave a comment here and the link to it please, thanks

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