Examining mobiles

Over the next couple of months I wanted to start to examine all the new mobile devices on the market and some that will never make it to market and others that will be out on the market in the future. I figured the best way to do this is by manufacturers of the devices and look forward to any input from my readers about any of the devices I am going to feature on my blog. I used to have Cingular as my service provider but now it is ATT and I talk with a Motorola Razer so that is the mobile device I am going to start with on my next post.

Mobile Safari without the IPhone via WaSP

Mobile Safari without the IPhone

Apple has brought Mobile Safari to the Ipod

Last week, Apple announced the new iPod Touch (essentially, an iPhone without the phone bits). What is particularly interesting about the iPod Touch is that it includes WiFi connectivity and Mobile Safari.

There are two aspects to this release that make it particularly interesting:

  1. Mobile Safari is now poised to explode in terms of market share, possibly driving a lot of innovation in the handheld browser market, and
  2. developers now have a far less expensive means of obtaining and testing on the new browser.

What do you think of this announcement? What repercussions do you think we will see?

Written By Aaron Gustafson

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