Over a Billion Cell Phones Shipped

Selena Jackson wrote a great post on her blog about more than 1 billion cell phones were shipped for the first time ever in a year in 2006, one factor for the large increase in sales was driven by a strong holiday season demand. And the two biggest suppliers posted strong gains to boost their market shares in the quarter, with number two Motorola closing the gap to industry leader Nokia on phones shipped.

And ofcourse this only means great news for mobile web developers as we should all see an increase in yearly salaries and more demand for work.

Yellow Pages goes Mobile

Just got this release off the wire from AT&T

YELLOWPAGES.COM  http://www.yellowpages.com/  a subsidiary of AT&T Inc. announced today that local search has become easier for wireless customers of the new AT&T. Through YELLOWPAGES.COM local search enhancements, AT&T wireless customers can now conduct simple, streamlined lookups through a revamped single search box on MEdia(TM) Net and experience an improved user interface optimized for mobile search.Through enhancements to MEdia Net, a single search box now differentiates popular searches for local information from general Internet searches. For example, a user who types “pizza” into the search box with a geographic area, determined by the user’s default ZIP code or a ZIP code he or she enters, would receive listings provided by YELLOWPAGES.COM for local pizza places as opposed to a broad listing of everything related to pizza that would likely result from a traditional search engine service. The YELLOWPAGES.COM Network received more than one billion searches in 2006.ATT is the largest wireless carrier in the United States, serving 58.7 million customers. The company recently launched a multifaceted campaign to transition the Cingular brand to AT&T to further strengthen the most recognized name in communications around the world and reflect the strategic transformation under way at AT&T This AT&T news release and other announcements are available as part of an RSS feed at http://www.att.com/rss

Groovr Launches Mobile Social Network

Groovr Launches Mobile Social Network

Groovr is another new mobile social network that has just launched.There service is based around text messaging: you get in to a place by texting. You can track where all the users are, allowing you to find out where all your friends are by texting a question mark to the same address of the user. You can also leave comments on places and text home to signal that you are back at your house. Even more, you can send photos to the service. Users have profile pages which aggregate all their check ins, photos and friends, and there is a forum to discuss everything that does not fit elsewhere. A couple of things it does not have yet is a widget to post your location and photos on your blog but even still a big thanks to Selena for the invite.

Gizmodo Mobile

Gizmodo Mobile

Gizmodo Mobile is now up and running reports Britney Simpson who wrote a post in her blog about Gizmodo has gone Mobile and is asking anyone out there with a mobile device to view the web site and see if there are any problems viewing it with that device or browser.Gizmodo is a technology weblog dedicated to everything related to gadgets, gizmos, and cutting-edge consumer electronics. At Gizmodo you can check out the latest news, reviews and recommendations for products including laptops, cell phones, PDAs, digital cameras, home entertainment and more. And for all you Gadget makers out there you can send in your Gadgets to the address below to have it possibly reviewed on thier website.

From Gizmodos website

Have a gadget you’d like us to review? Please send it to:
c/o Gawker Media
81 Spring Street
New York, NY 10012

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