AOL Mobile

AOL Mobile

AOL Mobile is what I use to do most of my online surfing with via my mobile I am still one of those women connnected to the internet by telephone dial up I know it is sad but with the new puters out now and ofcourse the one I got I do not notice to much slow time in surfing the web maybe one day i will get a cable connection but I am not sure I will ever need it anyways here are some cool AOL Mobile Tools thought everyone might want to check out.Ofcourse you will first need to Download Mobile AOL software to access both your AOL e-mail and instant messenger from your SmartPhone or PDA. But you can check out the complete list of AOL Mobile Tools on its website

AOL Mobile Web Portal A wireless web destination that provides access to AOL information and services

Mobile AIM Service Uses the Mobile AIM service to access your Buddy List feature and send and receive IMs.

Mobile AOL Mail Send and receive your AOL e-mail on your mobile device when you’re away from your computer.

City Guide Mobile Use your mobile device to get quick, easy access to restaurants, hotels, entertainment.

MapQuest Navigator It uses GPS technology to provide you voice-guided directions all from your mobile phone

Stay Tuned here comes the light

Wanted to spot light all the mobile places I surf for the next month o two so everyone here can get more attunned to what I listen or watch on my mobile and to understand what direction I am  going with my development of mobile ideas obviously mobile video is something I am desperatly trying to make websites with in mind, along with adding flash but not trying to make it so it takes alot of memory to download from the users end is what I am dubbing mobile zip flash sounds cool huh maybe I will have to wikipedia this phrase and who knows if you post about it on your site it may just catch on. ok now back to dreaming well Dreamweaving on Dreamweaver my next mobile site talk with you all real soon I am sure so you all stay tuned now yea hear lol

I am now officially a blogger

Have finally picked my wordpress template to use for my website so it is time to get down to what I made the website for and that is to have a safe and secure place to write about my ideas. Having said that I used to work for a communications company that supplies alot of the worlds tcommunnications. My job there was primarly to write code for the applications and every once in awhile do some website design and maintaince. Have been quite busy with free lance work and family.

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