The crypto craze is far from over so look around!

At the start of this post Bitcoin was worth $10,759.43 U.S.D via Google search  and when it comes to crypto currencies, which are not considered currencies at all by most Governments around the World, most people have very little understanding of them. I for one was one of them until recently and even still do not consider myself to be an expert on the subject of them by any means but rather I have a  much better understanding of them now since researching them and the technologies behind them for a couple of years. Enough so that I decided to write a blog post about them to help people better understand them and what to look for in some of the new ones to come out over the years.

So first off when it comes to cryptocurrencies the first and foremost is Bitcoin, which runs off a system called the blockchain which anyone can download the Bitcoin code on Github and start their on bitcoin with it. The second major cryptocurrency is called Ethereum and it runs off of blockkchain technology to but allows for others to tap into there block chain and make there own currency based on a couple simple inputs rather than having to manually code there own. Kind of like Apps for your browser work.

When it comes to getting rich off of either of these crypto coins I would tell most people no, I do not think you can or will if you invested your money on today’s costs of either. I do believe many people have gotten rich off the rise of the price of both coins since there launches but where both prices stand today i do not think the average person could make very much off investing in either coins but it cost to much to get in on either one. So that brings me to my next point which is everyone in the World that has average finances and average savings or investment money to work with wants in on the next Bitcoin. The premier time to get in would be when it starts off at pennies or less to buy 1 coin than the coin rises to hundreds if not thousands of dollars on exchanges and ofcourse the faster it rises to these amounts the better so they can cash out and get rich quick.

I do believe this is still possible with many future cryptocurrencies and how rich and how fast the next coin that comes along rises depends on  a lot of different factors, one of the main ones being adoption by the online and offline communities and being list on various public and cryptocurrency exchanges around the World. A good coin name says a lot to me about a coin but not much to all. A good .com means alot to me as well but little to many ICO investors as many coins use .io and .nets and other domain extensions to run there coins off of. So where can one watch and see where the next BIG cryptocurrency is coming? Coinbase has a couple of great resources for everyone looking to invest in this space that people should check out and read over for themselves. I for one refuse to publicly make my buy choice for the next coin for now but I can tell you I plan on investing on crypto coins down the road.

Like always make sure you do your own research and development of your investment plan and always consult with a financial advisor before making any decisions on investing in anything especially cryptocurrencies but in the end it will be your decision on what you want your money to be invested in so make sure to choose wisely and gt as much information about whatever it is your investing in and seek the advice or trained and license financial professionals whenever and wherever possible when it comes to investing your hard earned money. I for one will not invest more than $1,000 in crypto currencies this year and you should come up with an amount that is comfortable to you should you try to invest in them to a good rule of thumb i use when it comes to investing is to always know when to say this is to much and when to stop before you even start investing your first cent into anything.

Time has done a great article and video about and called Cryptocurrency Investing: Are Bitcoin and Ethereum Safe?

What online chat may look like in 2020, fingers crossed!

As we all know the year 2020 is fast approaching and like most things in the tech industry, chatting online will morph into something faster, better and cheaper. Right now there are probably millions of different chat options on the internet for people to enjoy chatting with one another in or on because so many people want to communicate with one another or bots that you can build a janky chat site and still get thousands of visitors everyday but just like that site all are limited to the technology of today which will not be like the tech or tomorrow. Forget virtual reality and augmented reality which are the two promising technologies for the current future and further in the future like real life holograms or realistic human robots and where do we see it (online chat) going, because it does not matter how you chat by a chat app, by a social messenger, by a free cam or by a random chat site for now, because things are going to change in a BIG way in the future and for the better, I think and hope so atleast.

I in vision a day soon where chat bots will morph into holograms that will be projected into your homes much like this clip here from YouTube from the movie the sixth day starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. These bots will be of great looking real people like celebrities or made up fake people.  And the chat bots will soon rule the way people interact via online chat rooms as they will be rented or sold like software and hardware of today.  Chatting with someone more attractive than oneself will always be a huge hit thus pretty holograms will be in really BIG demand in the future and not because we will have a society of ugly people but rather most people always want an up. I also see AI or artificial intelligence becoming huge in this chat space as a bot will learn how to better please every time you interact with it thus making you happier every time you use with it.

People will want to robots for all sorts of purposes in the future and chatting will be one of these and the merchandise consumed and sold from this industry will be in the Billions each year as robots not just holograms with be BIG sellers. And as robots become more lifelike to the touch and feel of real humans to smarter brains from AI and other software, holograms are going to be the next it toy for adult entertainment. Models and just ordinary people alike may sell there likeness to be used however the buyer chooses to use it like on holograms or robots.  As you can see from the clip above taken from the movie the Sixth Day starring Arnold Schwarzenegger a futuristic hologram sex chat hologram bot along with a chair are used to entertain one of the movies characters till has friend comes knocking.

Selling ones likeness may become a BIG thing in the future but as society becomes more recorded people just taking your likeness and doing things with it may be an inevitability as well and people may not be able to profit from there likeness at all. Today we have things like deep fakes making there rounds across the web in which someones facial image (usually a celebrity) is put onto a persons face in a adult movie to make it seem like it is celebrity in the movie. And although many tube sites are starting to ban these type of videos known as deep fakes they will no doubt be online via niche sites for the foreseeable future.

Where online chat goes from here is anyone’s best guess and with this post I just gave you mine as to where its going to go but as always I am interested in hearing your opinion as to where it is headed and why you think its going there and what you think happens when we get there so leave those thoughts or any others related to this post in the comments so we can further discuss them.


Pondering New Years Traditions

With New Year’s Eve approaching, I am thinking about the many traditions and what they symbolize.  Growing up in my family,  black eyed peas were a must.  I’ve recently found out that  black eyed peas symbolize coins and eating them is supposed to ensure economic prosperity for the coming year. To be honest, I’ve never cooked black eyed peas myself. I buy them in a can already cooked and seasoned. I just open the can and heat the peas in a bowl in the microwave and I’m good to go!

Along the same lines, eating greens symbolizes paper money and eating corn bread symbolizes gold. Some people swear the greens is supposed to be kale, but I’ve heard others claim that spinach is a more tasty alternative. I personally like spinach better than kale, but it kale is simmered with pork fatback and served with vinegar I can eat a big bowlful of that.

The tradition of kissing at midnight may go back to ancient European times as a way of warding off evil spirits. Personally, I think that if you are lucky to have someone you love nearby, a deep, sweet kiss is a great way to both end the old year and start the new one.

Three Fun Days of Comic Con

The Comic Con came through a couple of weeks ago. We had a blast going all three days. Every day we dressed up as someone else from our favorite comic or show. One day I was a walker from The Walking Dead, then I was dressed as a Klingon on the second day. We all dressed as characters from The Endless.

It was so much fun meeting cast members, illustrators and so many more people. I was able to get autographed photos of several of my favorite stars. And I even got to meet the great Stan Lee!

There is a Comic Con cruise that we are thinking about going on next year. Seven days and nights of hanging out with some of the amazing people we have come to love so much. The costumes that people wear are worth the tickets alone, because they are so amazing. People put a lot of effort into their costumes and some put a lot of money as well. You never know what you are going to see.

I know it may seem silly to some people, but Comic Con really is a lot of fun. I totally recommend going to one sometime for anyone who likes Sci-fi and any of the old school comic books.

Nextbook Ares 8

Well, my best friend bought a cheap little tablet for her ten year old nephew. It is a Nextbook Ares 8. It is absolutely cute and versatile. The wifi works amazingly well for a tablet that costs so little. The graphics are amazing and it plays games like no tomorrow. He has downloaded dozens of games so the storage is really good as well. He plays with it constantly and is happy as a clam with it. For a child, I would say that this is a fairly good investment as it costs very little, especially if you catch it on sale.

There are however a couple of problems with it that I assume Nextbook will or has fixed in their next models. Firstly, and most important, you cannot allow it to “sleep.” If you do, it triggers something inside and you have to remove the back and disconnect the battery. You then have to wait ten to twenty seconds and reconnect.  Then you can turn it back on and it will work. It get a bit warm when you use it a lot and really it shouldn’t get that warm but as it isn’t a high end tablet, getting upset over it would be ludicrous.